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Three Book ARC REVIEW A Rogue, a Rake, and a Pirate; Oh My!

I have here three fantastic historical romance novels...

One Rogue at a Time
by Jade Lee

I enjoyed this one, it is book two in Jade Lee's Rakes and Rogues series, it didn't quite enjoy it as much as 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake, but it had a very worthwhile and lovely ending. Two people who are opportunistic but with all the best intentions find love. It is a funny romance, and a very engaging storyline.

Bramwell Wesley Hallowsby is a bastard, it's not something he is proud of but he isn't going to shy away from the label. He tries hard to prove he's is just as worthy of the title that was denied him then the sailor who did inherit his father's title. Bram has a white knight complex he is the one people go to when they need help, half the time it leads him to trouble and at the beginning he did get badly burned by a woman asking for help and that jaded him to woman who manipulate to get what they want. Like the current situation he finds himself in, making sure an old friend and his wife swindled a bunch of money from some very powerful people are running to Scotland and paying Bram to see that they get there safely, only to abandon him in a tiny village with a broken down carriage.

Maybelle "Bluebell" Ballenger knows she is made for better things than the tiny village and selling possets. On her Mother's deathbed she finally told Bluebell the truth about her heritage, Bluebell is the granddaughter of an earl. She grew up with the whispers of being a bastard, and she worked hard to prove her worth in the tiny village but now that she know the truth she has been saving up her money to go to London and demand her birthright from her father. Bram is her ticket to London. 

Bram is automatically suspicious of the young woman who is cunning and smart enough to sell her possets at the highest price as she can get. She also manipulates him into teaching her how to be a proper lady. Bram is aware of her manipulations as much as it angers him it does nothing to dampen his desire for her and manipulates her right back. Together they travel to Oxfordshire and get the proof needed for Bluebell's legitimacy. Once in London Bram introduces her to his half sister who accepts the challenge of turning her into a lady and handle the introduction to her Grandparents. But once accepted by the family Bluebell must face the ton and with that the fact that she can no longer be friends with Bram, no matter that she loves him and will not give him up. It's harder for Bram to accept the fact that he loves Bluebell knowing that she is destined to marry better than him. 

Like a bad penny, the trouble causing comic relief couple keeps coming back making Brams life hell. 

Overall, this was a very enjoyable read with a sweet ending.

How to Rescue a Rake 
by Jayne Fresina

Book Club Belles Society book three. Finally the book for Diana and Nate. I love this series and I have been waiting for Diana and Nate to finally get their HEA. It's not imperative to read the previous two books but they are very good books I recommend you read, even if you read them after this one. 

Nathaniel Sherringham has always loved Diana Makepeace. But Diana's mother was bound to make her daughter a more advantageous marriage then she herself had. Diana wanting to please her mother agreed to marry a man she felt nothing for. She was content with her decision until Nate had to go and propose marriage and kiss her. Diana's perception changed after that. Even with the scathing remarks and insults she told Nate, she always thought about him after that, and whether she would admit it or not was the main reason she broke off her engagement.

Three years later and Nate is a changed man. No longer the rake and the gambler, but a businessman. Nate has come back to the town he calls home; over all the other towns he has lived in, this town where his sister is now happily married and where Diana is of course he thinks by now she is married by now. He is shocked to discover the vibrant young miss who won his heart and broke it is still single and has lost the sparkle in her eyes. Everyone thinks that she is still grieving the loss of her fiance. 

Diana has almost given up hope of ever getting married. But a trip to visit a cousin in Bath to help rejuvenate her health has given her hope for more. Unknowingly Nate makes a trip to Bath as well and their paths cross. Diana is open to having a lover but Nate is out to prove she is worth so much more than just a lover. 

Overall, This was a great read. I found myself giggling at the end because there are more to come and I really am looking forward to reading about the outgoing cousins of Diana.

The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway
by Erica Ridley

The Dukes of War continues with the delightful story of  Clara Halton and Captain Gregory Steele aka Blackheart. This story runs parallel with book two The Earl's Defiant Wallflower and book three The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress. I'm so happy that Clara got her HEA, her daughter Grace found hers and now that Grace has her own life to live Clara deserves one of her own. I love Erica Ridley's writing, it's always such a pleasure to get one of her ARCs especially this series. 

Captain Blackheart was paid by an earl to bring to London his soon-to-be-wife's mother, Blackheart expecting a old woman accepted the job gladly; but when he got to America and the small town outside of Philadelphia where she was residing her finds a beautiful woman who thinks she is dying of consumption. Clara sent her daughter to London to claim her inheritance; Clara married beneath her station and her mother had a fit and disinherited her. Clara believing she has consumption didn't tell her daughter because she knew Grace wouldn't leave if she knew. It took some convincing on Blackheart's part to get her to leave, but as soon as Clara was on the open seas she got better. Clara also discovered she loved being on The Dark Crystal, she enjoyed being razzed by the sailors, the fresh open air and mostly she loved sleeping in Blackheart's arms each night. 

Once in London, Clara was delivered safely to her family and the past forgiven should have been happy with her daughter, but she doesn't want to be one of those mothers who spends all her time with her daughter, she wanted a life of her own. She sees her chance when she sees The Dark Crystal docked in port. Clara takes a risk and stows away. Blackheart thought he left Clara behind, thinking he could never have her as much as he has fallen in love with her she would have no place in his life. But here she is a stowaway, and now that she is no longer the cargo there is nothing stopping him from seducing her. Blackheart is worried about Clara's safety, he is going after his nemesis, The Crimson Corsair. Clara however proves she isn't just safe but helpful too.

Overall this was a great addition to the Dukes of War series and I  look forward to the next one.     


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GUEST POST Flame and Ink with Carrie Ann Ryan


From the New York Times bestselling author of the Montgomery Ink and Talon Pack series comes an anthology filled with deleted scenes and extras from many of her fan-favorite series.

Vowed in Ink (A Montgomery Ink Novella)
It’s a very important day for Sassy, Rafe, and Ian. The three are ready to form their union in body and soul as well as legally for one of the pairs. Only when the day comes, not everything turns out how they've planned. The triad will have to look deep into their hearts and remember why they fought for each other not once, but twice in their lives so they can find their true happy ending.

Delicate Arrival (A Montgomery Ink Novella)
A look into the lives of Austin and Sierra as they welcome their baby to the world. They've been through hell together and now have one more trial to pass before they can keep going.

Edward and Pat’s Day Off (A Redwood Pack Short Story)
A look into the Alpha pair’s day off.

Babysitting Finn and Brie (A Redwood Pack Short Story)
A fun scene with Edward and his grandchildren.

On the Other Side (A Redwood Pack Short Story)
A bonus scene featuring Edward and Pat.

Bewitching (A Holiday, Montana Short Story)
A cute bonus scene with Jordan and Matt.

At Home with Cupid (A Holiday, Montana Short Story)
A look at Tyler and Abigail’s evenings with their new babies.

A Wedding with Wings (A Dante’s Circle Short Story)
Lily and Shade’s wedding.

The Meeting (A Dante’s Circle Short Story)
Jamie introduces her men to her parents…but all is not what it seems.

Author Note: Many of these scenes have been featured in Carrie Ann Ryan’s newsletters and on her website in the past. You can still read some of them for free on her website. This anthology is so people can have easy access to this material as well as the new bonus content. Happy Reading!

Barnes & Noble 

I love taking a look behind the scenes. As a reader, I gobble up deleted scenes, bonus scenes, and any bit of information I can get from my favorite authors. Because I love it so far, I decided to do a few scenes of my own from my own books. In the past couple of years, I’ve posted some deleted scenes that couldn’t make it into books because they were about side characters as well as some new scenes about what happens after the HEA.

Readers begged me to put them on Amazon or iBooks so they could have them for keeps and I figured once I had enough, I would do something for them. I LOVE that my readers want more. It humbles me and makes me giddy all at the same time.

Flame and Ink is a collection of many stories and most of my series. I love my characters and I love going back and seeing what they’re up to. I hope you love them too.

About Carrie Ann Ryan:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan never thought she'd be a writer. Not really. No, she loved math and science and even went on to graduate school in chemistry. Yes, she read as a kid and devoured teen fiction and Harry Potter, but it wasn't until someone handed her a romance book in her late teens that she realized that there was something out there just for her. When another author suggested she use the voices in her head for good and not evil, The Redwood Pack and all her other stories were born.

Carrie Ann is a bestselling author of over twenty novels and novellas and has so much more on her mind (and on her spreadsheets *grins*) that she isn't planning on giving up her dream anytime soon

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BLOG TOUR Teased by Rebecca Zanetti

TEASED - R&E Tour banner

We are thrilled to bring you the Review/Excerpt Tour for TEASED by Rebecca Zanetti! 

TEASED is a novella in the world of her Dark Protectors Series, brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights

Released on December 8, 2015, be sure to grab a copy of this sexy novella today!

TEASED - cover   

eBook ** Paperback

Rebecca Zanetti’s TEASED – Review & Excerpt Tour Schedule:
December 9th
Oh My Shelves – Review & Excerpt
Vampire Book Club – Excerpt
A Fortress of Books – Review & Excerpt
December 10th
Write for Your Life! – Review & Excerpt
Hannah's Words – Review & Excerpt
December 11th
A Sky Full of Stars – Excerpt
December 12th
KT Book Reviews – Excerpt
Vagabonda Reads – Review & Excerpt
December 13th
Alpha book club – Review & Excerpt
December 14th
The Reading Cafe – Review & Excerpt
Evermore Books – Excerpt
December 15th
Books That Hook – Review & Excerpt
December 16th
The Sassy Bookster – Review & Excerpt
She Hearts Books – Excerpt
Romanticamente Fantasy Sito – Review & Excerpt
December 17th
Inner Goddess – Review & Excerpt
Kitty's Book Spot! – Excerpt
Alphas Do It Better Book Blog – Review & Excerpt
Jax's Book Magic – Excerpt
December 18th
Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous – Review & Excerpt
Read-Love-Blog – Excerpt
Once Upon An Alpha – Review & Excerpt
Dark Faerie Tales – Review & Excerpt

TEASED - R&E Tour Teaser 2

  The Hunter For almost a century, the Realm’s most deadly assassin, Chalton Reese, has left war and death in the past, turning instead to strategy, reason, and technology. His fingers, still stained with blood, now protect with a keyboard instead of a weapon. Until the vampire king sends him on one more mission; to hunt down a human female with the knowledge to destroy the Realm. A woman with eyes like emeralds, a brain to match his own, and a passion that might destroy them both—if the enemy on their heels doesn’t do so first.
 The Hunted Olivia Roberts has foregone relationships with wimpy metro-sexuals in favor of pursuing a good story, bound and determined to uncover the truth, any truth. When her instincts start humming about missing proprietary information, she has no idea her search for a story will lead her to a ripped, sexy, and dangerous male beyond any human man. Setting aside the unbelievable fact that he’s a vampire and she’s his prey, she discovers that trusting him is the only chance they have to survive the danger stalking them both.

portrait of the elegant man on dark

I love this series! The ever present secondary character Chalton finally gets his HEA. Chalton use to be an assassin but tired of all the killing and the murder of his father he turned to Intel and computer geek. Olivia is writing the story of a life time. A source had contacted her about a different race living amongst us blending in. Olivia has now found herself the target of some very unwanted attention, and her only hope to get out of this mess alive, Chalton. 

These two are great.Olivia is a little spit fire and Chalton so serious but is greatly amused by Olivia. It becomes obvious that she is an enhanced human and therefore capable of mating. This case also reunites Chalton and his brothers. More amusing antics between the brothers makes this action paranormal romance with the perfect amount of humor a well rounded story and a very very good read.

The story itself, fits in perfectly with the rest of the series, and I hope Jared and Theo get their own stories because I am in love with them all.

“Are you empathic?” he murmured.
She jerked. “No. I don’t think so.”
Interesting. “But you can tell a falsehood?” He’d never heard of an enhanced female being able to do so, but it could be an offshoot of empathic abilities, so it did make some sense.
“I just have good instincts.”
Ah, the lies humans told themselves to avoid anything they couldn’t rationalize with logic. He stepped right into her space.
“What are you doing?” she gasped, her chest rising.
He slid curly dark hair off her shoulder. “I’m facing a bit of a dilemma.”
Her head lifted, although her gaze only reached his lips and stayed there. “How so?” Her voice lowered to a breathiness that licked along his cock.
“I need a shower to wipe off the blood and grime, so my choices are to bind you or have you join me.” It was crazy, but he’d give his left arm for her to join him in the shower.
She half-coughed and half-laughed. “Are you hitting on me?”
His hand curled around her nape. “Yes.”
Her gaze lifted to his, and her pupils widened. “That’s insane,” she whispered.
“I know.” Hell, the woman was right. “But here’s the deal. My brothers won’t return for several hours, and then we’ll have to move again. I want you, and you want me, so let’s take the edge off so we can think.” His mind hadn’t been clear since he’d first sighted her two days ago, and he needed clarity. One good night, and he could get her out of his system. “What do you say?”
“I say you’re crazy.” She stepped back against the window. “If all I wanted was an orgasm to take the edge off, I sure as heck don’t need you for that.”
Humor bubbled up, and he full-on laughed. The woman was one of a kind. “Well then.” His hands slowly went to unbuckle his belt, and he drew the heavy leather through the loopholes, quite enjoying the way her breath caught and her eyes widened. “Plan B it is, then.”

Rebecca Zanetti- author pic    About Rebecca Zanetti: New York Times Bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti is the author of over twenty-five dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and contemporary romances, and her books have appeared multiple times on the USA Today, NY Times, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooksbestseller lists. She lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her own Alpha hero, two kids, a couple of dogs, a crazy cat…and a huge extended family. She believes strongly in luck, karma, and working her butt off…and she thinks one of the best things about being an author, unlike the lawyer she used to be, is that she can let the crazy out. Her current series are: The Scorpius Syndrome, The Dark Protectors, The Realm Enforcers, The Maverick Montana Cowboys, and the Sin Brothers series.  

Facebook |Twitter | 1001 Dark Nights | TEASED on Goodreads

  TEASED - Available Now     InkSlinger PR Blogger Banner

BLOG TOUR Velicious pt 2 by Shelique Lize

Velicious Blog Tour Banner VELICIOUS PART TWO
By: Shelique Lize
Publication Date: November 30th, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
* Velicious Part Two cannot be read as a stand alone.*

Justice Labelle has lost too much in this war of monster and men, and it needs to stop now. After her run in with Erin, which left her lying in a hospital bed, black and bloody blue, Justice is no longer going to sit by and simply accept the twisted hand, that has been dealt.
Especially since she now has superhuman powers, all thanks to her being a Doll. Her one and only passion– To get through College and practice law at a top tier firm, is fading from her grasp and it's all because of Calvin, Dante, Vampyres and the Government. In fact the government has more secrets than kids have candy… And they’re all just as deadly as the enemies they hunt. But you know what? Justice has come up with her own master plan and heaven help the Vampyre, monster or human that gets in her way!


Velicious part one and two should be read back to back, like I did. I recommend that you do too, because can you say cliffhanger! It was and enjoyable read, I love the vampire/paranormal world that Shelique Lize created. The mystery slowly unravels itself  aggravatingly slow at times but there is so much going on that the story moves at a fast pace. 
In Velicious part one we meet almost all the pertinent characters, and how they all fit into the paranormal life, all except for Justice. What she thinks she knows isn't real and she's not who she thinks she is. Meanwhile Government agencies and rogue agencies are up to their heads in no good and it is seriously fucking up Justice's life. Not to mention the crazy psychic her sister took her to and for told doom and gloom and a hot guy guy with eyes that mesmerize. Just when you think it's all going to come together, it ends. 
Part two picks almost immediately and in this one Justice and Dante get closer... a lot closer, hint hint nudge nudge, wink wink. There is even more action and drama and hot sex. Just about all the loose ends get tied up and it ends... kinda. I want more! 
The stories together were deliciously aggravating, slowly revealing the mystery slowly bit by bit and then distracting you with other stuff. I would put this in the same category with Ilona Andrews, Kate Daniels. It's a gritty and raw story with a continuous underlying story that tethers in you and pulls you along for the ride.     


Dante hopped out, popping open his trunk. Unbuckling myself, I stepped out of the car as well. I asked, "What are we doing here?"  
Where was here, exactly? There was an open field of whiteness below, pure snow and ice. The night was not that cold. The stars were out, and light fluffs of snow fell slowly. All in all, it was a beautiful night in winter. 
Grinning handsomely, Dante pulled two plastic toboggan sleds out of his trunk.  
Shaking my head in disbelief, I said, “You're kidding?”  
“I don't kid.”  
“No, this not happening.”  
“You need some fun in your life.” He frowned tossing the tobogganing sleds on the roof of his car. “Let loose.”  
I shrugged. “I let loose.”  
“I remembered you telling me that life was your nightmare.”  
“So what?”  
“So have some fun with the nightmares of your life. Trust me, this life will use and abuse you, and you simply have to put your foot down and say, ‘Fuck it. No more.’ Everyone deserves a little fun. Don't be life's bitch.” 
 I hated to admit it, but ugh, he was right. Again. When was the last time I enjoyed myself? Correction, when was the last time I had tried to enjoy myself and something bad ended up happening?  
Sighing, I walked over to his car, and grabbed one of the toboggan sleds.  
“And if I don't enjoy this?”  
“If you don't like it, you don't like it. However, you do this for me, I'll tell you anything you want to know about my kind.”  
“Deal." I smiled and sauntered toward the very top of the white hill and looked below. It was a very steep drop. It was seriously high for a toboggan hill. The last time I remembered I did anything like this, I was in elementary school. Taking a long, cool breath, I placed the sled on a path of melted snow and sat down, looking back at Dante as he meandered toward the hill, holding his sled behind his back. I hated that Dante was bathed in an unearthly perfection. Reaching out to where I was, Dante told me to yell out everything bad in my life, to take back control while sliding down. I didn't question his method. I had nothing to lose. I simply nodded, pushing myself off, and yelled at the top of my lungs. It felt good. By the time I reached the bottom, there was a lightness inside me again. A serious weight had disappeared, vanished for the moment, and I loved it. I moved out of the way as Dante came flying down the hill. Dante's hair was a mess in his face, and he picked himself up with a goofy grin. “How do you feel?” 
 “A little better,” I mumbled, holding my thumb and pointing finger inches apart. Then, grabbing my sled, I took off up the hill with Dante following close behind. Round two of sledding down, I yelled out again at the top of my lungs. Round three, Dante and I raced down. Round four, we were a little silly, going backwards. Round five, six, and seven were just as fun, and round eight changed everything. Crashing into the snow and tumbling over, I laid there, laughing, for many reasons. I don't know if I was losing my mind, or if this was a sane thing to do. Standing above me Dante looked down. “Are you okay?”  
“Never been better,” I said, gazing into the blanket of stars, my breath materializing. Dante lowered his hand, and I took it with my right, but with my left I scooped up a handful of snow. Standing up, I shoved it in his face, and boy did I run, just as I got a glimpse of Dante's lips twitching. “This is war!” I heard Dante yell from behind me. 
Turning to face him, I replied, “Bring it on!” With a smile and feeling giddy, I scooped up another handful of snow, and Dante did the same.Image6


Justice Labelle always had her life perfectly planned.

Her goals were to graduate from University and get into law school.

Then one day, Justice tried to kill herself.

Well, not her technically. It may have been her body, but those actions weren’t intentional and the suicidal thoughts were not hers. Or, so she keeps telling her therapist and family. Justice is afraid she’s losing her mind and just wants to forget everything. But when her best friend is murdered, another one is being mind-screwed by a Vampyre, and her ex is back in town, looking as scrumptious as ever and very suspicious, maybe she isn’t all that crazy!

Free both copies
Christmas is right around the corner, so besides the Rafflecopter,
Shelique Lize has decided to give The Velicious Series away for free!






Image13- big 
  Shelique Lize is an awesome mother of two beautiful baby girls, and a wife to the luckiest man on the planet. It took her five years to write Velicious Part One but once her first daughter was born, she decided to revisit the world that she had created. Falling in love with her characters all over again, she wanted to finish their story. Velicious Part Two was written in half the time. Shelique loves anything to do with the paranormal world. She’s a proud Canadian but dislikes winter. She prefers watching the snow falling beautifully from inside a warm home. Currently she likes to listen to The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey, and she’s pretty open to every other genre of music.

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Naughty or Nice: The Nice List

The people at St. Martin's Press came up with a Naughty or Nice list for your Holiday reading. Depending on what you prefer they compiled a list of both naughty and nice for your reading enjoyment. I have been reading Christmas Romance since October so I have thrown in one or two that I enjoyed reading. Now for the Nice List a collection of books and novellas that could be Hallmark Channel movies.

Home for Christmas
by Lily Everett
I absolutely adored this book. It reminded me one one of my favorite black and white movies, A Christmas in Connecticut. This is book four in the Sanctuary Island series, but I read it just fine as a stand-alone. This was a very warm and inviting Christmas Romance with just the right amount of humor and strife. Libby Leeds is a writer her prefered medium is fiction but when a magazine offered her a permanent spot for her lifestyles column she suddenly realizes they think her fictional dream world was real. Libby wanted to tell the truth but when her Uncle Ray was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and in need for a nursing home with round the clock care she takes the job. He column because a huge success and when a wounded soldier wants the perfect Christmas for the daughter he has never meet, the magazine publisher jumps at the chance for Libby and her family to give them the perfect Christmas. Libby is forced to tell her publisher the truth, and with the threat of suing her and ruining her career she is forced to comply. She called the grandfather she never meet and he agreed to help and promptly took charge. Owen Shepard never knew he had a daughter until her mother died, asking his sister the Sheriff to take of her. Now that he was wounded and has been medically discharged he is home for good unless he can prove the doctors wrong and get back to combat ready form. Wanting to make it up to the daughter he loves very much that he never knew he is determined to make Christmas perfect. The elaborate lie has Libby married but soon Libby and Owen are falling in love, and the truth must come out before it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

      A Christmas at Evergreen Inn
by Donna Alward
This was a really sweet one a very subtle story that kind of creeps it's way into your heart. a Jewell Cove Christmas novella can be read as a stand-alone. Todd Ricker and Lainey Price have known each other for almost all their lives. Todd always had a thing for her but never thought he was good enough for her. Lainey Price went off to college and came back engaged to a guy Todd didn't really care for. The engagement ended rather abruptly leaving Lainey alone and slowly growing bitter. One night right before Christmas a bad storm blows in and traps Todd at the Evergreen Inn which Lainey runs, Todd finally admits he has always liked Lainey but she is skeptical because of the time of year. Her engagement ended at Christmas and the holiday has lost it's joy for her. Todd aims to change that convincing her not to let her ex ruin Christmas for her and if Lainey tries maybe she can even let Todd into her heart.

    Snowflake Wishes
by Maggie McGinnis
Probably the sweetest and exciting second chance Christmas Romance I have read this year. Yet another novella that can be read just fines as a stand-alone. Noah is a travel writer always on the lookout for his next adrenaline high, he takes people out and shows them thrills and adventure. Piper is a homebody who doesn't even like roller coasters, but somehow these two managed to fall in love. But after onto many trips to the hospital Piper is afraid of what will happen to him one day and she'll never get him back. Noah doesn't understand what he thinks is her irrational fear, so as much as it broke both their hearts Piper broke up with Noah and he did nothing to get her back. Years later Noah is back in Echo Lake subconsciously hoping to find Piper still single. Piper is never having got over Noah and all the old feeling still there but Piper not willing to surrender to them. Noah asks for one thing help Christmas shopping. A blizzard comes in and traps them at a diner over night and on the way back home the next morning they discover a car that went over a cliff the passengers only hope is Piper. When the whole thing is done Piper finally confides in him why she the way she is and why she is scared it will happen to him too. But does Noah fully understand Piper? This was a nice read that has a little but of everything in it.

Heartsong Cottage
by Emily March
I love the Eternity Spring series, and this book is one of my favorites. Emily March is very good at pulling people through hell and back and then still making them work for their HEA, and it is a tear jerking journey and an absolute pleasure to read. Two people get a second chance at love and family. Daniel is a widower who has also lost his son and changed his career to help other families find their lost lovdones too. Shannon is on the run from a sociopathic stalker and they find with each other they find the second chances they never thought they could have or deserved.

My Holiday Pick

Falling for Her Enemy
by Victoria James
I picked this for my nice list because I really can picture this as one of those emotional, heartfelt Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. It is part of a series but I felt like I knew everyone already. It was beautifully written in a Canadian setting (if you didn't know already) it really makes you feel as if you are part of the book. You fall in love with both the main characters and you really sympathize with them and you want them both to get what they want.

Alex McAllister thought her life was on the right path until her soon be be brother-in-law informs her the daughter she adopted and has been raising on her own might be the daughter of his latest client and there is a good chance she might lose her daughter if he really is the father; and to top it all off the bakery she has slavered over hoping to buy needs to be sold now and she doesn't have the funds for it.

Hayden Brooks never thought he wanted to be a father until he discovered he might have a daughter out there. He was approached by a one night stand and said she had is baby and that she's going to extort a buttload of money out of him just to keep the story quiet. Hayden doesn't fall for it quite that easily, he wants proof first. He thinks he found his daughter and wants the paternity test to prove it. When he first approached his daughter's adopted mother he never expected her to be so beautiful, and that just made things worse the more time he spent with Alex and her daughter the more torn he became of wishing the girl was his but not wanting to break Alex's heart. Why did Hayden have to be such a good person and why does Alex have to have feelings for him. Alex is torn as well, she should be able to fall in love with the man who will take away her daughter.

They both have their reasons for wanting the girl, and both love her very much but will the truth bring them together or just tear them apart.

I enjoy reading Holiday Romance and there are so many to pick from, I hope you can create a perfect list of your own.  

Naughty or Nice: The Naughty List

The people at St. Martin's Press came up with a Naughty or Nice list for your Holiday reading. Depending on what you prefer they compiled a list of both naughty and nice for your reading enjoyment. I have been reading Christmas Romance since October so I have thrown in one or two that I enjoyed reading. First up is the naughty list, this list ranges from a little naughty to really naughty.

On the Naughty List
An Anthology of holiday romance
Christmas Bonus by Lori Foster is a little naughty inner office romance. It is an enjoyable quick read that is just romance. Two people who have finally after years of soft stepping around each other finally give in to their desire. Loved it!

Naughty Under the Mistletoe by Carly Phillips where a case of mistaken identity is the best mistake that could happen to two lonely people. Very typical Carly Phillips a quick and cute, cute as in a steamy hot and dirty cute way. Also made me want to reach in and smack the main characters for jumping to conclusions.

Some Kind of Wonderful by Beth Ciotta. I'm new to this author and I loved this story. Two old friends drifted apart but a pen pal hook up with her best friend, messes everything up. A Cyrano De Bergerac type situation she finds out how much she loves the man she just set up with her best friend. But a blizzard and a Christmas Carol type dream just may change that all.

Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas by Sugar Jamison. If you have ever read the first book in the Perfect Fit series, Dangerous Curves Ahead and wondered what ever happen to Dina, Ellis' sister this is the book to read. Dina wound up pregnant and dumped, with her ten month old baby boy she finally admits she needs help and seeks out the baby's father. Only he is dead and his lonely and gorgeous brother is there to help.

This anthology was a great quick read with great Christmas Romance.

Hot Toy
By Jennifer Cruise 
This is a short and fun Christmas short story that at first starts off like Jingle all the Way, but quickly turns into something so much more. Trudy is trying to be the best aunt ever and make sure her nephew gets the toy he wants for Christmas. Only the action figure he wants is impossible to find, and the one she does find throws her into a big mess with spies and lies and gun fights. Now this is a fluff piece, but man do I love a good piece of fluff every now and then. It is more of a comedy with a budding romance then a Christmas Romance but I enjoyed it none the less. 

Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher                              
by Mandy Baxter
I am brand new to Mandy Baxter and A Billionaire's Club series, I was hoping it wasn't the same old cliched billionaire story. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I was wrong. This was a cute romance, naughty, but it really tugged at my heart strings. Nate is a reluctant billionaire, and kind of insecure because of how his father treated him. Chloe is a strong woman but a bleeding heart. Chloe was just initially going to hit up Nate for a donation for her charity, but after one night with him she was in love and their was no way she was going to ask him for the money now. Nate hates gold diggers just as much as he hates his father's money, but time with Chloe has him rethinking everything. Nate's insecurities just might get in the way of his HEA with Chloe. 


The Duke and Miss Christmas
by Amelia Grey
I really liked this one. An Heir's Club of Scoundrels christmas novella is a naughty historical romance.  Crispin the Duke of Hurst has a reputation, one that he earned but regrets. On a crisp December morning Crispin's life changes for the better he gets hit on the head with a basket wielded by the beautiful young woman he dubs Miss Christmas. Gwen Prim knows that she should like a man with a reputation for stealing kisses from young ladies especially after her horrible experience at the end of her season, but what she knows about him differs greatly from what she has seen first hand. Crispin and Gwen quickly fall in love. But does Gwen get her hopes up too soon only to be broken hearted in the end?

I really liked this one it was so naughty and sweet at the same time, my only complaint is that it was so short. Crispin and Gwen deserved a full length story.

   My Holiday Pick

What Happens Under The Mistletoe
Historical Christmas Romance anthology.
I love these authors I have previously read all of them for the exception of Meredith Duran, but believe me I will read her now. I put this under the naughty list because the common theme with all these novellas, stealing kisses under the mistletoe.

The Heiress and the Hothead
by Sabrina Jeffries
The youngest brother of a marquess, Stephen Corry, has made a name for himself as a journalist is visiting friends for Christmas time, he promised to help a cousin avoid a certain gentleman but mistakenly kisses the wrong woman under the mistletoe. Miss Amanda Keane is an American heiress and mill owner visiting her brother and touring the mills in England. Stephen is taken with the beautiful American but when they find out who they are they try their hardest to hate each other. Amanda wanted to hate the man who was biased against mill owners and she is out prove he is wrong, and Stephen is out to prove they are not all like her. But one thing they do have in common is the kiss under the mistletoe sparked something in them both that they can not deny.

Twelve Kisses to Midnight
by Karen Hawkins
A Christmas novella for the Oxenburg Princes series, It centers around Prince Nikolai's righthand man, Marcus Sutherland The Duke of Rothesay and his former fiancee from years ago. Keena Stuart the recently widowed Lady Montrose. The engagement fell apart and she later married someone else and Marcus left to accept the post in the Oxenburg court. Now ten years later she is still as beautiful as ever and a stolen kiss under the mistletoe puts them both in a precarious position of a scandal which then leads them both trapped by a blizzard in a hidden lovers nest. It's the perfect time to reconcile or break it off more smoothly than they did before. I enjoyed this one I love Tata that meddling old biddie makes the story.

By Any Other Name
by Candace Camp
I love it when the heroine dresses up as a man. I have read a few of Candace Camp books and I enjoy them. Rylla dresses up as a man to visit the gaming hells to try and find her missing brother, her first night was unsuccessful and to top it all off she was robbed and stabbed. Gregory Rose was unexpectedly attracted to the young man across the table from him on his way out he witnesses the robbery and stabbing of the young man. He bring him home and soon discovers the young man is very much a beautiful young woman. A stolen kiss under the mistletoe and Gregory is lost, even with the fake name she gave him he was able to track her down and just to keep close to her he promises to help her find her missing brother. With every night and some more kisses shared Rylla and Gregory fall more in love. But will the mystery of Rylla's missing brother do more harm than good? This is probably the sweetest one out of this anthology but it had the right amount of humor, mystery and romance. Gregory is so smitten and devoted to Rylla it's hard not to fall in love with him. 

Sweetest Regret
by Meredith Duran. 
Second chances are one of my favorite subgenres. In this one Georgiana Trent the dutiful diplomat's daughter is charged with the task of hosting a Christmas house party for a bunch of foreigners her father invited when he had to suddenly leave, and find a sensitive letter that was stolen out of his office, he was also sending help in the form of Lucas Goodwin. Lucas once broke her heart years ago and one silly game of blind man's bluff and a kiss under the mistletoe and everything that was left behind three years ago comes back. Georgiana was in love with Lucas but abruptly left with no word or goodbye. Now Lucas is ordered by his boss and Georgiana's father to help her find the stolen letter. The more time they spend together the more they realize they never stopped loving each other. I enjoyed this one it was a really nice read with a wonderful and amusing story.        

I enjoy reading Holiday Romance and there are so many to pick from, I hope you can create a perfect list of your own.