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ARC REVIEW How to Manage a Marquess by Sally MacKenzie

This is the second book in the Spinster House series and unfortunately it feels like I was reading only half of the story. It runs almost parallel with the first novel and it really feels like it's missing something, something being the other half of the story. Not reading the first book I missed out on how the H/h met and the major details about the house and the curse. I couldn't connect to the characters or the situation they found themselves in the middle of the story when they were away from everyone else was good but I just couldn't get into it very much. The book is much shorter than it seems too, it ends three quarters of the way into the book and the remaining twenty-five percent is a prequel novella, I was so disinterested and let down that I didn't even bother to read it. And as silly as it sounds the damn cat, it took me a while to realize that, "Marrow" was the sound the cat was making and not it's name.

Miss Anne Davenport is applying to take residence at the spinster house. The Spinster House requires her to stay a spinster the rest of her life with only a cat as her companion. But in Anne eyes that better then being an outcast in her fathers home when her remarries. Unfortunately for her one of her best friends won the spot as spinster. Anne knows Cat and the Duke of Hart are in love if only they would get married then she could move in. The only problem with Hart and Cat falling in love is the family is cursed and Hart can only married for love if not he will die before the heir is born. Hart's cousin, Nate, is his protector and doesn't want him to die like the Duke's before him.  

Nate, the Marquess of Haywood, suckered into going to a house party, unbeknownst to him it's a house party to announce the engagement of Anne Davenport's Father and his young wife. Anne is against the marriage her future step mother is a year younger than her and Anne has a whole bunch of issues. This part of the book was the best part it was the only part where I actually could empathize with Anne. Nate and Anne of course fall in love, he help her realize things about her father and her step mother. Anne's future step brothers also help ease the whole situation. 

Overall, there was stuff about the book I enjoyed and others parts I had to force my way through. I really recommend that if you do read the series to read all the books and in order.  

ARC REVIEW Three Weeks to Wed by Ella Quinn

First impressions on this book, it's a Regency version of Yours, Mine and Ours.(1968 Lucy Ball and Henry Fonda; I love older movies and as much as I love Dennis Quaid I don't count the 2005 remake) If you like cute 'n silly books with a heavy dose of insta-love, this is a good book. I liked it well enough and the family dynamic is great the family members are the comic relief of the story let us not forget the two great danes. The biggest difference between Three Weeks to Wed and Yours, Mine and Ours aside from the fact that one is regency and the other is in the nineteen sixties, is that in the movie is two widowers with 10 and 8 kids the book is the story of the oldest sister,Grace, taking on guardianship of her brothers and sisters all seven of them; and an Earl, Matt, who is taking care of his step mother and his three half sisters. The conflict is mainly internal for Grace for the majority of the book, she has fought hard to maintain guardianship of her siblings and has accepted that she will remain a spinster. She has to come to terms with the fact Matt really does love her and wants to help her with the children. There is some external conflict with one of Grace's relatives and an idiot religious zealot. But those are all solved pretty quickly.

Grace has been in love with Matt the Earl of Worthington since her first season. When Grace meets him again he doesn't recognize her and she seizes the opportunity to have one night of sin with him before she is forever set on the shelf. Stuck at an Inn during a storm Grace and Matt share the private parlor; through tea time and dinner they talk, Grace never revealing who she is. By the end of dinner Matt has decided she would be the perfect wife for him and by morning he was in love. The only problem was that she disappeared before he woke up and he never learned her name. Grace realized the mistake she made as soon as she woke up. She should have never done it because now that she knows what she's missing it worse then it was before. Fate has a funny way of bring together the people that need to be together. Through mutual friends Matt finds Grace again and as soon as it becomes obvious to their family that they love each other but Grace is stubborn the siblings all work together to make sure the transition is a smooth one and that Grace really has nothing to worry about. The bad sheep of Grace's family shows up and misreads the situation and tries to get money by way of blackmail.

Over all this was a cute read. There isn't a lot of conflict just stubbornness and it is a quick and easy read.    

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ARC REVIEW Shadowed Blade by J.C. Daniels

I am so happy that this book is finally out! IF you are already a fan this is without a doubt an automatic buy. If you are curious about the series I very highly recommend it, it is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series. You might want to reread (or just read) Misery's Way before you start this one just to refresh your memory on what happened between Frankie and Kit because it is mentioned in this but it is just glossed over mainly because this is from Kit's POV and Kit doesn't remember much of what actually happened. That's one thing about the beginning of this book it seems disjointed it bounces around a lot and some of the events are completely skipped over and then just and just rehashed as a summery. This is good however because soooo much happens in the book if all of it was written out it would be a much longer drawn out story.

I can't get to much into the story because it might be to revealing of spoilers and that's a no no. So as of the last book Kit was hired by the President of the United States to do some "simple" tasks the last one almost got Kit and Justin killed. They manage to get back to Orlando barely alive but that's when things get hectic. On old friend of Justin and Kit's show up a super psychic that goes by the name of Nova. It turns out Justin and the healing witch, Colleen, who was with him were kidnapped. Kits mounts the rescue. This is just the tip of the shitstorm iceberg. Tensions are running high especially since the President isn't taking it lightly that Kit is refusing to do any more jobs for him. People aren't who they say they are and the past isn't as cut and dry as Kit thinks, and that one on going story arc with the missing shifters and witches, well lets just say exciting!!

Overall, I freakin' loved this book. The series altogether is exciting, dark, emotional, suspenseful and hot as hell especially with Damon, that kitty can make me purr. I think if you picked this book up without reading the others you could follow along with the story it does a good job refreshing our memories about past events that a newbie could possibly pick it up fine.    

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ARC REVIEW Seattle Wolf Pack Box Set by Kristin Miller

Seattle Wolf Pack Box Set

By Kristin Miller

Overall, this was a good series. I like how it was kept to just three stories and that each could be read as a stand alone. My favorite out of the three is the last So I Married a Werewolf. It was the first one I had ever read if the series back when it was originally released. The first two were good, but all of them had some parts I liked better than others. They are all really entertaining and quick reads.

Gone with the Wolf:

First book of the series does a good job introducing the dynamics of the book series "universe" wolf pack. It was a great starter to the series. The characters were amusing they had fun experiences with each other getting to know one another and such with just a taste of suspense, which I always appreciate, but Emilia did get annoying she because stubborn and not the good kind of stubborn.
Emilia was lead to believe she was the owner of the building where she opened her bar, sadly enough she was conned. Emilia however believes Wilder Financial stole it from her. as the business slows down Emilia gets a second job working for Wilder Financial hoping she can do anything to get her bar back even if it means blackmailing the CEO. At the Christmas party she was hoping for her chance, instead she meets a sexy guy who can kiss the pants off of her. The next day she finds out she's been transferred to act as the CEO temp secretary and that when she finds out Mr. KissyFace at the Christmas party is the CEO. Drake Wilder gave up all hope to finding a mate he was ready just to hand the reigns over to his twin brother and just deal with it. He never expected to find her getting drunk on his expensive wine in his cellar and he really didn't expect her to be human.
Drake was always lead to believe that a human wasn't strong enough to survive the pregnancy with an Alpha shifter, but he isn't going to give up so easily he is open an honest with Emilia that if she wants it they can have the relationship but there will be no children. Emilia wants to hate Drake, but after he gave her undisputed proof that she was conned she is a little more open to a relationship. Only that's not the only problem. Drake's twin brother isn't going to hand over the pack so easily.

Four Weddings and a Werewolf:

This one was absolutely adorable, predictable but so freakin' cute.  I may have to retract my former statement and say this is my favorite. Veronica, once again we have someone who is too stubborn for her own good. Her hatred for shifters seems petty and silly but once she reveals the deeper and the true reason she comes off the way she does it makes sense. Logan Black sexy werewolf former marine bodyguard, yep that says it all.
Veronica Vale (at least it wasn't Vicki) is a wedding planner. Wedding number one: she meets Logan Black. Unbeknownst to Veronica her brother in law, Jake also best friend of Logan's, hires Logan to keep an eye on Veronica it seems like she has a secret admirer, but it has crossed over into the creepy. Veronica doesn't know it but her admire left her a disturbing present with a note that he looked forward to turning her in to a werewolf. Veronica's hatred to werewolves is the main reason Jake and Logan kept quiet about the whole bodyguard thing. Logan has to come clean about it when her stalker strikes again and Veronica only agrees because she thinks Logan is human.
Logan realized right off the bad that Veronica is his mate but he is determined not to give in; one he never wants to get married or mated because his line of work and two how Veronica feels about werewolves. Wedding number two: Veronica realizes just how dangerous her stalker really is and finally finds out the truth about Logan. Well to say the shit hit the fan is pretty accurate but by then Veronica and Logan attraction is pretty strong too they just have to stop being so stubborn and realize it.

So I Married a Werewolf:

Book three is the odd ball of the trio, it is the only one that is strictly romance. It is a cute romance of two best friends who make deal that benefits them both and end up falling in love. This a quick and easy read with laughs and a little bit of heartache. I think the dog Humperdink steals the spotlight of the book. I loved Faith, she is delightful and I think out of the three I can relate most to her. Faith is a dog trainer and walker and runs a blog all about dogs and training and related. She is also putting her brother through college. Carter has always dreamed of being a detective in the Enforcement Bureau of the Seattle Pack. He is finally getting the chance for his promotion but the higher ups want someone who is mated. Carter lies and tells them he was getting married. Faith is in need of extra income because her brother just got accepted into Yale. Carter offers to pay her brothers way if she will act as his fiancee. One thing leads to another and they have to get married, to prove that they are a real deal. Carter wasn't the only one trying to get a spot as detective and so Carter and Nate are competing for the spot. Faith tries the hardest to prove that they are a real couple she even goes to a cooking class to learn so she can impress the bosses' wives.
Carter has issues with accepting that Faith could be his fated mate, he's already had a one mate and it wasn't all rainbows and lollipops. He's hesitant to start anything serious with Faith not matter how strong the pull to her is. Faith is insecure and he's rejection she takes personal, throw in a crazy backstabbing ex and it just makes everything so much more complicated then either of them ever thought it would be.                

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ARC REVIEW Vulnerable by Mary Burton

Book four of the Morgans of Nashville series by Mary Burton and this one is just as creepy and suspenseful as the others. I have been waiting for Georgia's story since the beginning.

Georgia Morgan the youngest and only girl of the Morgan family, she is one of the forensic techs with Nashville PD and ever since the first book she has been pestering her oldest brother, Deke, who is in charge of the Homicide Department to let her handle some of the cold cases. Luck is on her side when Dalton Marlowe starts to put pressure on NPD to reopen his son's case. Deke gives the case to Georgia and Jake Bishop, Boston born with a dark past who previously came across as a bit of ass; but ever since Jake saw Georgia perform her cover of Faith Hill's Breathe on stage he sees her in a different light and is falling in love with her. Georgia is a little oblivious when it comes to Jake but then she realizes why he acts he way he does with her and she basically says why the hell not.

Mike Marlowe, Bethany Reed, and Amber Ryder all went into the Percy Warner Park for a science experiment; only Amber came out alive and she couldn't tell anyone what had happened because she claims to have amnesia. Georgia, all ready to start on her case, has called Amber to ask her questions. Five years and still no clue or bodies have been found. That is until a local girl is found dead, her body dumped in a cave and as Georgia is doing her thing collecting evidence she uncovers two more bodies hidden deeper in the cave. The two bodies are revealed to be Bethany and Mike. Amber's return has Dalton in a stir, he doesn't believe her amnesia story and blames her for his son's death. The more Jake and Georgia ask around the more they slowly discover the truth and with all their poking and prodding it has the culprit on edge.

Overall this was a great twisting and turning suspense, more suspense than romance but then again I love those. It does reveal something early on but then through out the book it has you wondering WTH! I really enjoyed this one. I love Mary Burton's style of writing and the connection she writes   between the characters themselves and the connection that you feel for the characters. I can't wait for more.        

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RELEASE BLITZ SEAL for Her Protection by Paige Tyler

Title: SEAL For Her Protection
Series: SEALS of Coronado #1
Author: Paige Tyler
Genre: Military/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 12, 2016


He saved her from the danger once before. Can he save her again, this time from danger he 
doesn't even see coming?

When investigative journalist Hayley Garner is kidnapped by terrorists, she's sure they're going to 
kill her. But in sweeps handsome Navy SEAL Chasen Ward to rescue her. After getting her to 
safety, he disappears into the night before she can even thank him.

Weeks later, while covering a story on the local navy base, Hayley runs into Chasen again. Even 
though she didn't see his face that night he rescued her, she can't forget his beautiful blue eyes.

The attraction is immediate and intense, and Hayley finds herself falling into a fiery romance with 
the hunky hero out of her dreams. Guys like this aren’t supposed to really exist, but Chasen does, 
and damn is he hot.

But ever since she got back home, Hayley has had the feeling someone's been watching her. Is it 
post-traumatic stress or does she have a reason to be afraid? Good thing she has a Navy SEAL to 
protect her.


All Romance:

Paige Tyler never ceases to amaze me me with a great story, a wonderful romance, and smokin' hot alpha heroes. This book wasn't shy of any of those. I enjoyed the smooth start to their relationship; rescue from terrorist aside, they both felt that there could be a relationship and they both knew what they were getting into with both of their careers and they were willing to give it a shot. I love Paige Tyler's writing; she is fantastic at writing action, in and out of the bed kinda action.  I like Hayley she is a risk taker but after being kidnapped she started to be a little more smart about it. Chasen is alpha male and is very protective of Hayley but he knows he can't be with Hayley 24/7 and he trusts her to be smart and paranoid enough think her decisions through and she does, for the most part. (I am trying to refrain from writing two little words but they would be considered a spoiler and no spoilers allowed, my god but it was a good one.)

Hayley is a journalist and in the process of finding the real story she herself became one. Kidnapped by a terrorist group and rescued by the famed NAVY SEALs Hayley now finds herself the center of attention in the media world but she wants nothing more to get back to work even if her boss says she isn't ready yet. A young group of hackers threatens to exposes the truth behind renovations and kickbacks payed to elected officials, Hayley knows she has found her story. A month after her rescue Hayley and Chasen finally meet, well formally introduced, and they both felt the spark of attraction. But their relationship hits a rock when it becomes apparent that someone is stalking and threatening Hayley. Chasen is willing to pull in the rest of his team just to keep her safe.

She’d thought he’d be easy to find, but the place was SEAL hunk central, with an awful lot of the fit, attractive guys in attendance. While quite a few of them flashed charming grins in her direction, none of them had those unforgettable blue eyes she’d spent the past four weeks seeing in her dreams.

Her earlier assessment had been right. This was hopeless.

Sighing, Hayley turned to go in search of Brad instead and almost smacked right into the broad, muscular chest of a guy in blue camo. She stared at his uniform up close, absently wondering why the Navy wore blue camouflage. It wasn’t like they were ever going to be in a blue jungle. She glanced at the rank on his collar—noting the three chevrons of a petty officer first class—then the nametag sewn on the right hand side of his chest, noting his name—it said WARD—before lifting her head to apologize for practically mowing him down. But when her gaze met his, all she could do was stare. There couldn’t be two men on the planet with eyes that blue. She’d found the SEAL who’d saved her life.

“It’s you,” she breathed.

Okay, that definitely wasn’t the most intelligent thing she’d ever said out loud. But the SEAL smiled anyway, flashing the cutest pair of dimples her way.

Hayley’s breath hitched. She’d tried to picture what he looked like ever since that night, alternating between Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill and finally settling on a combination of the two. She hadn’t even been close. Petty Officer Ward was even more gorgeous than she imagined. Taller than she was by nearly a foot, he had broad shoulders, dark hair, and a square jaw to go along with those mesmerizing eyes. Now, this was what a superhero should look like.

“It is,” he said. “I’m glad to see you’re doing well, Ms. Garner.”

She’d been so caught up in the memory of the captivating blue of his eyes she’d completely forgotten how sexy his voice was. The deep, rich tones caressed her, making her feel warm all over. Just like they had that night in Africa. Wow, this guy was pure sexy, wrapped in blue camo. She had a crazy urge to ask him to say something else—anything else—so she could hear that voice again.

“Call me Hayley, please,” she finally managed.

She offered him her hand, pulse skipping when he took it. Wow, he had really big hands. A little part of her mind whispered something about the significance of that, but she ignored it. Instead, she focused on the overall sense of strength seeming to pour off him in waves. Being this close to him and getting a chance to take in how tall and muscular he was reminded her of the way he’d picked her up and carried her so effortlessly that night—all while using a weapon.

Hayley had never thought of herself as the kind of woman who wanted to be swept off her feet by a guy, but right now she was thinking this man could carry her anywhere he wanted to.

Damn, this guy was seriously messing with her calm, cool journalist exterior.

“Chasen Ward,” he said.

Chasen. Unusual, but it fit him. Gorgeous name for a gorgeous guy. She wondered if the guy realized the kind of effect he likely had on every woman on the planet, especially the one standing right in front of him. Probably not, she guessed. Guys were usually clueless about that kind of stuff.

“How did things go over there?” she asked. “After you got me out, I mean.”

She cringed as soon as the words were out. Guess he hadn’t messed with her journalist mojo as much as she’d thought. Crap, now he’d think she was looking for a scoop. Nothing turned people off more than a nosy reporter.

But he merely nodded. The shade from the brim on his hat accentuated his chiseled features as he moved, making them seem even more angular.

“They went well,” he said. “My Team and I got back a few days ago as a matter of fact.”

Her inner Barbara Walters wanted to ask what else they’d done over there, but before she could decide if that was a good idea or not, two other Navy guys in blue camouflage sauntered over. Both petty officers second class, they were tall, well-built, and good looking.

“Hey, I know you,” the younger of the two men said with a trace of a Southern accent. Blond with brown eyes, he had that casual Channing Tatum-thing going on. “Though I hope you don’t mind me saying, you look a lot better now than you did the last time we saw you.”

Hayley frowned in confusion at the two men, sure she would have remembered if she’d met them before.

Chasen chuckled. “This is Dalton Jennings and Nash Cantrell. They were with me when we rescued you that night. You’ll have to forgive Dalton for being clueless. He’s taken several classes on how to be charming, but unfortunately, he keeps failing them.”

She laughed and shook hands with both men. Dalton looked so chagrined, she couldn’t help but take pity on him. “Don’t worry about it, Dalton. I’m well aware of how much of a mess I looked that night. Thanks for being there with Chasen and the rest of your Team.”

The SEAL visibly relaxed, giving her another grin. “No problem. Just doing our job, ma’am.”

Dalton might have failed out of charm school—according to Chasen at least—but there wasn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t swoon over that Southern drawl.

“I know it was hard to tell with all the gear we had on,” Dalton continued. “But I was the one doing this.”

Dark eyes suddenly intense, he struck an action hero pose, arms lifted as if he were holding an imaginary machine gun. On either side of him, Chasen and Nash snorted in unison.

“You mean you were the one nearly running into every wall around you because the batteries in your NVGs were dying.” Nash pointed out drily, his dark eyes filled with amusement.

Dalton considered that a moment, then dropped the pose and shrugged. “That might have been me.”

Hayley laughed, unable to help herself. They were both funny—and seriously cute—but she had to admit she was glad when they took off a little while later, leaving her alone with Chasen.

“How is your ankle feeling?” he asked as his buddies walked off toward the pavilion.

“Much better, thanks,” she said.

He looked down pointedly at her foot where it peeked out from under her long skirt. She’d tried not to make it obvious, but she’d been standing with all her weight on her good foot so she could give the injured one a rest. Chasen lifted a brow as if he saw through the little white lie.

Hayley gave him a sheepish look. “Okay, you caught me. It still hurts a little. But it really is much better. Thanks to you.”

“How’s that?”

“If you hadn’t gotten there in time, a messed-up ankle would have been the least of my worries. I don’t know how I can ever repay you for saving my life.”

That playful grin returned. “I’m more than ready to call it even if you consider going out to dinner with me.”

If Chasen were any other guy, Hayley might consider making him work a little harder for a date. But she’d been more than ready to go out with him since he’d loaded her on that helicopter over in Africa. Heck, there’d been a time or two when she’d woken up from an especially nice dream involving the Navy SEAL when she was ready to do a lot more than date the guy. Rip off his uniform and roll around on the floor with him being one thing that came to mind.

“Dinner sounds great,” she said, quite proud of her ability to maintain her composure.

“Friday night work for you?”


Hayley entered her number in his phone while he did the same with hers, then she gave him her address.

“I’ll see you at 1830 hours,” he said, then chuckled. “I mean, six-thirty.”

“I can’t wait,” she said, and meant it.

Touching his fingers to the brim of his hat in a causal salute, Chasen gave her another smile then strode off. Hayley let out a sigh as she watched him go.

Damn, he made that blue camouflage uniform look good.


Paige Tyler is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

She is represented by Bob Mecoy.


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BLOG TOUR Letting Her Lead by Alexa Riley


Lucias Houston is president of the Ghost Riders MC. He carries the club on this shoulders with nothing but his brothers on his mind. Until he lays eyes on her.

Elizabeth “Izzy” Force is a veterinarian who spends her time either working, or gaming online. Her life is simple and she likes it just fine…until a baby bulldog pulls in the hottest-looking beast of a man she’s ever seen.
They come from two very different worlds, but they’re about to collide. Can Lucias convince Izzy he’s worth the risk?

Warning: This is an MC book like no other. There’s no cheating, no sweet butts, and it has all the sweet, cheesy goodness Alexa Riley stirs up. Saddle up and ride!

I normally don't do MC romance, all the ones I have read previously were off putting, but seeing that Alexa Riley does things differently I had to try. I missed the previous books in the series and I am curious about them now. I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read. Alexa Riley was releasing chapter by chapter in emails to fans, but I hate reading serials if I'm going to read a book it needs be the full story. So for those of you wanting the full story is here. I kinda wish there was a little more to it and the only thing that irked me was the whole ownership/property thing but that is just personal preference,  I don't care how much you love each other one can not own the other or consider them property. (as Homey D Clown says, "Homey don't play that", I understand why I just don't like it) 

Izzy is a geek! I love it. If it exists, her shirt with the Zelda pun, I must own. Lucias has always had his family in mind whenever he made his choices. The Ghost Riders is his chosen family and he cleaned up the club so his fellow marines had a safe and stable place after leaving the military. Lucias has always dreamed of a family and once he saw Izzy he knew she was the key to his dreams. Izzy promised to keep an eye on her brother and help him stay out of trouble but he's a hard one to change and when his bad choices lead the Ghost Riders straight to Izzy's door everything changes. Izzy doesn't want to lust after the sexy president of the local MC but he has the cutest dog and once she gets to know him she has to admit she was wrong to judge him but can he convince her that he means forever? 
AP new - excerpt.jpg



Sitting on the end of the bed in the dark, I rub my eyes, trying to relieve a little bit of the tension. Even after my shower, I still feel the day coating me. At least I have the next few days off from the clinic. Maybe I can finally catch up on some sleep.

Sadly, I was actually relieved when I got the call from the police department to tell me my brother was in jail. He won’t be out until he sees the judge, and there’s nothing I can do for him until that point. That takes things out of my hands, and I don’t have to decide if I’m willing to fork over the money to bail him out. Again. Who am I kidding? I know I would.

“I’m sorry, Grandma,” I whisper.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to keep my brother out of trouble. He has a way of falling into it, and I know for a fact he’s mixed up with a motorcycle gang now. It’s something I know nothing about. I spend my days working and my nights with my nose stuck in a book. Or raiding with my guild. My brother and I couldn’t be more different. How we both shared a womb at one time, I have no idea.

We’re twins, but while I went to college, made perfect grades, and wanted nothing to do sex, parties, and drugs, that’s all Dusty seems to do. I don’t even know what he does for a living, but he always appears to have a ton of cash just as quick as he seems to be broke. My guess would be drugs. He’d put our grandma who raised us through hell until she took her last breath.

Pulling the covers back on the bed, I start to crawl under when I hear a noise coming from the front of the house. I reach for my phone on the night stand and come up empty. Shit. I left it in the living room along with my laptop. Double shit.

I wait another second, just to be sure I’m not freaking out, but then I hear another sound.

I open the bedside drawer and pull out my grandfather’s revolver. I’ve been keeping it in the drawer since my brother moved back home. It’s not that I was scared of him. No, I was scared of who he hung around with. I’d come home early one night to find him and three other men in the living room, and after that, I wasn’t taking any chances.

The feelings they gave me made my blood run cold. Dusty pulled me aside and scolded me for coming home early and interrupting him in whatever it was he was doing. I had to call before I came home to my own house? This house was equally ours. It was left to both of us by our grandma, but he hadn’t lived here for years. Until recently. As much as it pissed me off that he expected me to call if I was coming home early, I did after that because I didn’t have the urge to run into his friends ever again.

I don’t know crap about motorcycle gangs, but what I do know, I want no part of. I’ll stick to my Warcraft guilds and gamebattle friends. I’ve never met any of them personally, but I highly doubt they look like my brother’s friends.

Slowly opening my bedroom door, I listen for another sound. This time, there’s nothing. Maybe it was the wind, I think to myself, waiting for a few minutes, still not hearing anything. The alarm would have gone off, I keep telling myself.

I creep down the hall and almost make it almost to the living room when a sound draws my eyes to the dining room. Without thinking, I scream and pull the trigger. The bang goes off louder than I thought possible, the recoil making my arm kick back, and I drop the gun.

“Fucking shit shit shit!” I hear a woman’s voice exclaim before I’m crushed to the ground by a body so big it feels like a giant concrete boulder landed on me and knocked the air out of my lungs.

The room floods with light, and I stare up at the scariest face I’ve ever seen. Scars run down his face in angry lines. His hard blue eyes look deadly. I push against him, and he actually yields to my efforts, but he takes me with him as he stands, grabbing me by my arm in a firm, unbreakable hold.

“Find him,” Scarred Guy barks, his voice just as scary as his face. Some tall skinny guy takes off through my house, and I study the man still holding my arm. He’s as big as a concrete boulder. “She’s losing a good amount of blood.” I look over and see a man on his knees next to a dark-haired woman who is holding her leg.

“No fucking shit, Sherlock,” the woman on the ground snaps. “I’ve been shot. Vincent is going to kill me. I can hear his mouth already. I’ve been playing with guns my whole life. My whole fucking life. Never been shot. I do this one small task, and this thing shoots me.”

Her eyes snap over to me, and she glares at me so hard she could give Scarred Guy a run for his money. I just stand there. I can’t seem to form a sentence as I just watch what’s playing out in front of me. I’m not even sure if I’m breathing at this point.

“Nothing, man. No one is here.” The skinny guy searching the house comes back to join us, a little out of breath. “Is she Pinch’s bitch?” he asks, nodding at me.

I know Pinch is my brother. I’ve heard a few other people call him that. I look around the room to see everyone is wearing leather jackets. The one leaning over the dark-haired woman makes the writing on the back easy to read. Ghost Riders.

“I knew I should have shot that little shit with more than a rubber bullet,” the woman says, trying to pull herself to her feet. But as she does, her legs give out on her, and she lands back down on her ass.

“Goddamn it, Casper! Sit the fuck still.”

“I’m not going to a hospital.” She pushes the man, and I see the bloodstain spread on her jeans.

“Stop that! You’re making it worse. You need medical attention. Stitches at the least. That much is clear,” I exclaim, unable to help myself.

“You a doctor or some shit?” the scarred man gripping my arm asks, looking down at me.

“No. Veterinarian.”

“Good enough. Get Cas in the truck and clean that blood off the floor.”

The man next to Cas picks her up and heads out the front door while she mumbles about some Vincent guy. Why hasn’t the alarm gone off? The skinny guy picks up the gun I dropped and cleans up the blood on the floor with his shirt.

“You got a medical kit?”

I nod my head.

“Good. Get it. If you try something…” He doesn’t have to say what will happen if I try something. I get the message loud and clear. I won’t be trying anything.

He finally lets me go, and I run to the front door and pick up the medical bag I keep for emergency calls.

“Make sure everything is cleaned up. I don’t know if anyone heard that shot,” Scarred Guy barks.

“Got it, Savage. See you at the compound.”

Savage grabs me by the arm once again and pulls me outside. As the cold air hits my legs, I realize I have nothing on but a shirt that barely hits mid-thigh, underwear, and socks.

I start to protest, but he pushes me into a truck. Cas is lying on the back seat, and the man who carried her out sits behind the wheel. Savage, whose every inch embodies his name, slams the door and informs me of my fate.

“She dies, you die.”
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Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.
They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BLOG TOUR Mr. and Mrs. by Alexa Riley

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Welcome to Alexa Riley Promises. This series is dedicated to old romances. It’s tropes galore, with all of our usual over-the-top alphas and sweet cheesy goodness.

These short books will focus on traditional and classic tropes while sticking to the Alexa Riley code: no cheating and always with an HEA. That’s our Promise to you.

Mr and Mrs

Phillip has been married to Molly for a year. He’s beyond obsessed with his new wife, to the point that he has to hold his true feelings back. If she knew how crazy he is for her, she might push him away.

Molly is feeling distance growing between them, and she’s worried she’s not enough. One night she walks in on Phillip, and it changes everything.

When Phillip discovers Molly was in an accident and now has amnesia, he’s going to do all he can to make her fall in love with him again. Holding nothing back this time.

Warning: It’s just as crazy as it sounds and just as over-the-top ridiculous. If you want to get silly with us and spend a little time away from reality, grab this one up!

Another sickingly sweet romance by the dynamic duo. If the love wasn't obvious, if you couldn't tell how much Molly loves him, Phillip's possessiveness is bordering on dangerously obsessive and a little off putting for me. Setting that aside this was exactly as promised a ridiculously sweet cliched romance that is a quick read. I loved Molly, I could empathize with her and her feeling of lost. She feels like she has no life of her own nothing she can really call her own everything around her is Phillip's and she feels lost in in his life. She went straight from school to Phillip, and she never got the chance to live her life as her own. It doesn't help that Phillip has been spending almost every waking hour at work and now with a new secretary, who is flat out rude to her, Molly is feeling insecure. Phillip's life changed the day he meet Molly. While I don't agree with his methods he truly loves her. Phillip loves her so deeply he is leaving work in the trusted hands of his vice president just so he can spend every waking moment with her. Only he doesn't tell her. Secrets can be dangerous. Especially when Molly leaves and Phillip doesn't know where she is. But it takes this drastic action to make both of them realize where they went wrong and now it's their chance to fix it.

To read Chapter One look back on my Release Day post for Mr and Mrs      AP new - excerpt.jpg

Chapter 2 *Phillip*
I wake up with a start, looking at my watch and seeing I overslept. I stretch my neck, trying to work out the kink from sleeping on this damn couch. I just meant to lie here for a few minutes before I left to go home. I’ve been sleeping so poorly lately that I needed just a quick nap to try to catch up.

The merger last year went smoothly, but the last few months have been hell. I’ve been working myself to the bone every night. I never get to see Molly, so at night when I go home, all I want to do is make love to her, needing a taste of her to hold me over, hoping to keep at bay the need I have for her. Then, when she passes out, I spend the rest of the night just holding her and watching her sleep. I can’t help it. I’m obsessively in love with her. It can’t be healthy, but I gave that fight up a long time ago. It is what it is. There’s no fighting this need I have for her.

I’d learned that early on. She woke up my whole world the moment I laid eyes on her. Feelings I’d never felt before came to life. I’d never needed another person before. Maybe because I’d never had one be there for me. From very early on in life I was alone, and I’d rather liked it like that. I didn’t want to be one of the foster kids begging for attention or clamoring to be adopted. I knew I’d only need myself.

I’d busted my ass through school, then college, saving every extra penny from the underground fighting I’d been doing to pay my bills. Then I starting investing in one thing after another. Seemed I had a good eye for what would be the next big thing. It became like an addiction. It was all I thought about: how could I make my hedge fund firm grow? And that had worked for me until she came strolling into my life.

Now she’s my addiction. In my every thought and every action. Making me want and crave things I never thought I wanted. I don’t want to waste a minute when I’m with her, least of all waste it sleeping. I keep telling myself I’ll sleep when I’m dead, but it’s starting to catch up to me.

I’ve got a big weekend planned, though, and if I can just make it through until then, it will all be perfect. I’ve been training my replacement the past six months, getting him in here and showing him all that I do. It’s taken long hours, and I haven’t told Molly. After we were first married, I tried to hold back on my need for her. She’s so young and beautiful, and I didn’t want to smother her with all that I wanted. She’s a blossoming flower, and I felt like the shadows keeping her all to myself. I didn’t want her to wilt and resent me for isolating her. So I worked hard and tried to hold myself back, telling myself that it was for her so that she could be happy. No woman wants her husband to suffocate her. I wanted her to make friends here and have a new life here. If it was up to me, it would be the two of us in our own home away from the city. I selfishly want her all to myself. The thought of being locked up with her in a house by the ocean and never leaving sounds like a dream come true. I never would have wanted something like that before Molly, but she changed all that for me. Made me want something else.Sitting up from my couch, I try to rub out the wrinkles on my pants. I lay here too long and now I look like a mess. I’m anxious to get home to her, but I know the second I walk in the door I’ll be on her. It’s not fair how strong my need is for her. I can’t expect her to want sex with me every morning and every night. No woman wants it that much. Before, I didn’t give two shits about sex. It was always about the next deal or the next move I could make to expand my company. That was what used to get me off. What drove me each day. I would get lost in my work, and now all I want is to get lost in her.I slip on my shoes and go over to grab my coat and keys and head out of my office. I’m surprised when I see Cary sitting at her desk. I told her to go home hours ago. She’s becoming a problem. Ryan, my replacement, hired her. Since he was the one to take over the day-to-day operations, I told him he could replace Debra as whoever he got would be working with him and not with me. I was so sad to see Debra go. She’d been the only mother figure I’d ever had in my life, but I couldn’t fault her for wanting to spend time with her husband. I felt the exact same way.

“Cary, why are you here? It’s almost eleven.” I don’t wait for her response, walking past her to the elevator and hitting the button. I plan on calling Ryan on the way home and telling him to get rid of her. I don’t care if I have a week left. He’s a married man himself, and we don’t need that kind of shit happening here.

“Phillip, I wanted to talk. Maybe we could grab a drink before you head home.”I hear her behind me as I wait for the elevator to open. It takes everything in me not to turn and yell at her. Her mere presence annoys me, and I’m so fucking tired. I’ve caught her a few times trying to flirt with me. At first I thought maybe I was misreading her, but it has become clear that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, the elevator dings and the doors open. I walk in and turn, looking at her.

“I’ve told you repeatedly not to call me Phillip, and I’m not interested. Nor is it appropriate to get a drink with you. I told you to leave at five o’clock, so I’ll assume your timesheet will reflect that instead of the late hour. This is unprofessional, and I’ll be speaking to Mr. Arrow about this.” Reaching out, I press the button for the first floor and watch her face turn panicky as the doors shut. I don’t have time to try to figure out what that means. I’m beyond ready to get home to my Molly and see her beautiful face.I end up hailing a cab home, not wanting to use a driver or take the train this late. On the cab ride home, I talk to Ryan and explain to him that Cary is a problem. He assures me that he will speak to her first thing and that she won’t be there after that. It’s the part of the job I hate the most, but it’s a necessary evil. Someone like Cary is looking to bed a rich man, and I didn’t spend years building my company so a piece of ass could drag the new leader of our company through the mud. There are plenty of willing men, and I’m not saying Ryan is a saint, but work isn’t where this needs to go down.

When the cab pulls up outside our building, I throw some money at the cabbie and climb out. My heart is racing already and I try to calm it. If it was up to me, I’d go barreling into the condo and sweep Molly up in an embrace, leading us to fuck like rabbits on the kitchen counter. I’d spend all night talking to her and telling her how much I love her.

But I can’t do that.

She’s probably already in bed, trying to get her rest from when I wake her in the night. Sometimes my need for her is so strong it overpowers my good sense and I wake her up, taking her when she’s still half asleep. I feel ashamed of myself that I can’t control my love for her, and I’m trying to do better. Last night I just sat in the chair by the bed and watched her sleep. I knew if I got into bed, I would want more, and she needs her rest. I don’t want her to think it’s all about sex.

I keep telling myself that when I quit and we have more time together, that this insatiable need for her will pass. We’ve been married for a year now, and I’m scared because it’s only gotten worse. The longer we’re together, the deeper my feelings get. But I’ve got a plan to stop working and start our marriage in a new way. It may be hard for her to spend so much time with me, but I’m hoping we can do things she likes together so she won’t feel like I’m a burden.

When I walk into our penthouse, I place my house keys and phone on the table by the door and feel myself frown. The picture I gave her for her birthday still hasn’t been hung. I’d taken a picture of the first place I’d ever kissed her and framed it. It was in the library at her father's house, a room I knew she loved. I didn’t explain the reason I took it because she seemed so disappointed when she saw it. I just stumbled over telling her it was because I knew she loved all the books. I thought that maybe giving her something that was hers to place in our home would spur her to put her own things around the house. Touches of her. I’d even told her where I thought the picture would look nice—where we walk into our home every day. She’d given me a tight smile, and the picture remains in a box in the corner of the room.

I told her she could do whatever she wanted to our space here, but she seemed uninterested in that idea. We’d talked about getting a place of our own, and that had excited her. She told me details about what she wanted, and so I hired an architect, relayed what she wanted and had him draw it up for me. I wanted to have a place built as the fairy tale she described, and then I’d surprise her with it.

That’s what this coming weekend has been about. Planning everything down to the last detail, all while wrapping up work. For good.

When I walk past the kitchen counter, I notice something there, but I keep on going. I’m too anxious to see Molly to stop and check out something I saw out of the corner of my eye.

Walking into the bedroom, I can tell something is off. I don’t feel her in the room. I flip on the overhead light in a slight panic, and when I see the bed is pristine, a nervousness falls over me.

“Molly?” I call, thinking maybe she’s in the bathroom. But as I start to search the house, I see that every room is silent and empty of her energy.

“Molly!” This time I shout down the hall, letting my panic set in. It’s time for her to stop playing games.

I hurry to the front of the condo, grab my phone, and go to the kitchen. I check my messages but don’t see one from her, so I send one, checking in. She must have forgotten to tell me she was out doing something tonight. Maybe I can meet up with her. I miss her so much already, and I don’t like the idea of her being out so late without me. I should have been here to go with her. I shake my head at myself.

I wait for just a moment, and my eyes slide over to what caught my eye when I first entered. It’s a small piece of paper, and I reach out and slide it toward me.

I feel as if someone has punched me in the gut. I look over to see her wedding rings on the granite next to it, and I fall to my knees. My heart is beating in my ears, and I can’t process what’s happening. It’s like I’m in a tunnel, but I’m falling. My breath comes out fast, and I see black spots in my vision. Just before the blackness takes over, the words flash again in front of me.

I can’t do this. Don’t follow me.



Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.
They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!
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