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ARC REVIEW Witness to Passion by Naima Simone

Witness to Passion is the new book for Naima Simone's newest series Guarding Her Body. I love Romantic Suspense and that is something Naima Simone does well. The only thing I disliked was the protagonist name, Fallon, I had to mentally change her name in my head so I wouldn't picture the late night talk show host instead. Other than that I loved the book.

Fallon hates her birthday, bad things always happen to her on her birthday and this last year was no exception, after getting dumped by her boyfriend on twitter she witnesses a gang hit and the leader of the rival gang, who killed the man right in front of her, threatened her life if she told so she told the police everything. Her best friend, Addy, is worried for Fallon who is working and living in a bad neighborhood and with the trial coming up Addy gives in and calls her brother Shane to come and watch out for Fallon.

Shane and  Fallon a a little bit of history on her eighteenth birthday Fallon kissed Shane only to be rejected. They suddenly went from being friends to Shane avoiding Fallon at all costs but when Addy calls and fills him in he drops everything to protect the one woman she shouldn't want. It was a good thing too because the gang leader broke out of prison and now Fallon life is in jeopardy. With tensions and emotions high and Fallon's life on the line they quickly give into the passion they can not deny. No matter how well Shane thinks he hides Fallon they keep getting found and the source of the leak is shocking.

Overall it was a well paced action, suspense, romance, and second chances.    

ARC REVIEW Ever After by Jude Deveraux

I love Jude Deveraux, this is my first Nantucket Bride book but the third in the series, I need to find the first two. It is a beautiful story about healing, falling in love and two ghost matchmaking. Jude Deveraux has an enchanting writing style, I always enjoy her work even when it's not as good as her other stuff I still enjoy reading her books. Ever After  I loved reading, I loved the characters, the story, and the setting I could not put it down.

Hallie is a Cinderella type character finding her escape from a cruel stepsister when a stranger leaves her a house in Nantucket. With some distant family connection to the house Hallie is excited to discover her connection to the historic home. She almost missed the opportunity when her stepsister, Shellie, forged papers pretending to be her. Hallie is a newly licensed physical therapist and she also agreed to treat Jaime Taggart, whom she thinks is a rich playboy who was injured while skiing. Jamie Taggart is more then he seems, he tries to play off the playboy image not wanting to see pity in Hallie's eyes, he has had enough of that from his family. The Montgomery/Taggart family has treated Jamie with kid gloves and he has had enough so when the opportunity to have his PT away from them to took it. He never expected his physical therapist to be as beautiful as Hallie. Hallie and Jamie quickly become friends they are comfortable around each other and they dance around their physical attraction trying to keep things professional.

The mystery of the house is that two sister ghosts haunt the house after their untimely demise. The sisters were the most beautiful ladies on the island and had a knack for matchmaking. Even now as ghosts they still work their magic. Hallie and Jamie slowly uncover, with the help of Jamie's family and the dreams that Hallie has been having, what happened all those years ago.

The relationship between Jamie and Hallie progresses to the physical, and when his family descends upon them old uncertainties resurface and truths are revealed. Both Jamie and Hallie have to face their demon before they can have their HEA. Overall this is a romantic and entertaining book with a touch of the supernatural.  


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW Finally Found You by Carrie Ann Ryan

Finally Found You is book four in the Tempting Signs series under the zodiac sign of Cancer. I was looking forward to this because one of my favorite authors writing for my sign, wooohoo! It was a good quick read I really liked it. It's a stand alone from any other of Carrie Ann Ryan's series. The only thing is that it didn't quite get as in depth character and story wise as some of her other stuff, but it is a novella and it does give you enough to fall for the characters and empathize with them I was just expecting more drama.

Presley MacKenzie just walked in on her boyfriend screwing her friend on her kitchen counter. Mason Sutton just got very publicly dumped by his social climbing girl friend. Mason is very upset not just with himself for not seeing his girlfriend for what she really is but for his stupid brother for cheating on the perfect girl, Presley. Together they commiserate and heal, over time they become friends, best friends along with their friendship their attraction grows. They eventually give in to the desire.

Presley designs video games and is having issues at work with the boys club shutting her out sabotaging her career. Mason is landscape architect who is constantly belittled by his brother, the douche that cheated on Presley, and wants more that just a landscaper so he applies for a big job where he can do what he does best, even though he thinks he has no chance at getting it. As things progress with Presley and Mason physically, emotionally they get all confused and well stuff happens things are said and they bot must face what they really need and want before they get their HEA.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ARC REVIEW Wicked Ride by Rebecca Zanetti

Wicked Ride is the start of Rebecca Zanetti's spin off series of The Dark Protectors, The Realm Enforcers. The witches of the Realm who are in charge of protecting the magic and keeping the witches in line. This isn't a MC romance it is so much more. It is Paranormal, Suspense, Action Packed, Plasma Ball Exploding Awesomeness. Much like Rebecca's other series the boys are Alpha, stubborn, sexy as sin and grade "A" hero material and her girls are strong, stubborn, easy to love but don't give their love easily. I loved this book, it was action packed and suspenseful with the right amount of naughty mayhem.

The dangerous mineral that was mined in Russia that has proven to be is harmful even deadly to witches has turned up as the hot new illegal drug on the streets of Seattle. Kellach Dunne his two brothers and one Council member, who is also a cousin are their trying to track down the person behind it. Vice-Cop Alexandra Monzelle is trying to track down the drug, Apollo, that if overdosed can literally burn up a person's insides. Trying to go undercover hasn't revealed much but one night when she thinks she finally has something everything goes wrong when a smokin' hot biker shows up and takes three guys out. Now Alexandra, or Lex to her friends, gets kinda of annoying at parts because she has trust issues she is always second guessing Kell, and if she would trust him when she said she did it wouldn't have... well then their wouldn't be much of a story. Instead of working together Kell and Lex butting heads the entire time, well except for when they are bumping uglies. The player behind Apollo is someone they never expected and was a satisfying turn of events. Kell is undercover with a human MC trying to find out their supplier and that is the main reason Lex doesn't trust him even when he explains everything she still has trust issues. It all routes back to her father and the reason she tries so hard to be a good cop.

Overall I have high hopes for this series, with it's predecessor Dark Protectors as good as it is I expect The Realm Enforcers to be even better and with this as to kick off the series I know it will be.  

RELEASE BLAST Misery's Way by J.C. Daniels

Love the Kit Colbana Files by JC Daniels? Then you’re sure to love this brand new story from JC set in Kit’s world….Misery’s Way.

JC Daniels is back in the Kit Colbana world with Misery’s Way, a short story that Urban Fantasy fans won’t want to miss.

Her name is Frankie. At least, that’s what she calls herself.

She looks human, but she’s no more human than she is a faith-healer. That doesn’t stop her from using her…more unique abilities to take care of certain needs. It’s those abilities that lead to a chance encounter with an unusual woman in Florida.

It’s a chance encounter with fate that will set these two down a collision course with destiny.

This short story is loosely connected to the Kit Colbana Files. Can be read as a stand-alone. 

Available at:  
Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | BN

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 About JC Daniels
Writing under the pen name, JC Daniels for her Urban Fantasy, Shiloh Walker is an award-winning writer…yes, really!  She’s also a mom, a wife, a reader and she pretends to be an amateur photographer.  She published her first book in 2003. Her newest series, Secrets and Shadows, launched with Deeper than Need, followed by Sweeter than Sin and Darker than Desire.

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ARC REVIEW After Midnight and Cries in the Night by Kathy Clark

Last week I participated with the Release Blitz for Kathy Clark's release for After Midnight and Cries in the Dark. Here are my reviews for both of these fabulous books.

After Midnight was originally self published released in '12 under the same name but under the series name Denver After Dark, it was picked up by LoveSwept and changed the series name to Denver Heroes. After Midnight is a great story, I love romantic suspense and this is a nice blend of suspense and romance, it was enticing and captivating I just breezed right through it, I could not put it down. It's a great first book, it introduces all the characters and the family dynamics. The Morgan family are all Type A personality types but familial ties are strong.

Sam Morgan patrolled the absolute worst part of Denver, but he didn't care he loved his job and he loved his city. One summer night he had a ride along with him when it went all wrong he ended up getting shot twice and another officer ended up dead as well as one dead pimp. The only other witness beside the ride along is a prostitute who disappeared after back up finally showed up. After Sam was released from the hospital he tracked down this mysterious prostitute, who turns out isn't really a hooker but was paid to play the part of one for that night. Kate McKinney was traumatized by what happened that night but was scared about coming forward because it would reveal who she really is and just who her father is. When Sam tracks her down she is scared of what is going to happen next but he promises it will stay private. Strange things keep happening to Kate and Sam being on medical leave is  determined to protect her and get down to the bottom of who hired her and why two people died that night.

Unfortunately I guessed the Who, What and Why right off the bat, but it doesn't take away from the story. Sam and Kate are such a cute couple it's ridiculous it really is a great read.  

Cries in the Night picks up a couple of month after the events of the previous book. We met both Rusty Morgan and Julie Lawrence before; in this book they meet for the first time. They are like a slow lit fuse, an initial spark and a gradual seduction that leads to some nice fireworks.

Julie Lawrence is the Victims Advocate for Denver PD, helping all victims. She keeps to herself and keeps busy doing her job never making any close connections to anyone. Rusty Morgan is a ladies man never lacking a date if he wanted one, but meeting Julie after a domestic abuse and house fire call he can't seem to get her off him mind. She impresses him further when he gets taken hostage with a fellow firefighter by a man who has the whole rigged to explode, Julie knows him, he was one of her first she helped and she managed to talk some sense into him. A friendship buds between them but Rusty is frustrated with his attraction to her it seems like she is the only woman to be immune to his charms. Julie isn't as immune as Rusty thinks and as much as she wants to keep him at arms length she feels a strong pull to him.
 Someone is after Julie and Rusty is determined to protect her, giving into their desires just happens. It obvious to every one how Rusty feels about her but she is afraid her secret past may change that.

Overall this was a great read another one I could not put down; a straight through read. It wasn't as predictable I was torn between the obvious and the not so obvious. Yeah It's good. You get to see more of the Morgan family and love them even more, especially Mom.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

ARC REVIEW Misery's Way by J.C. Daniels

In a couple of days J.C. Daniels newest short story is released. It is an intro to a new series which is a spin off to the addictive series Kit Colbana. I warn you it is short and it is either going to piss you off or have you chomping at the bit for the first full length one to come out. It is written in typical J.C. Daniels style. It introduces Frankie who isn't quite human, not even a little bit and Saleel who isn't human either, well anymore. The mystery behind these two isn't answered anywhere in this short story just a hint.

Frankie is a faith healer, who really heals. While in Florida Frankie comes across two very unlikely people, Kit and Justin. This takes place after the events of Edged Blade, Frankie and her special gift sees Kit as a good sign and sees Kit and her past and respects her all the more for it.

The bonus story is Bladed Magic, it is all about how Justin and Kit first met. It is a good tie in between A Stroke of Dumb Luck and Blade Song.

Overall it's great, it is a must read for any Kit Cobana fan or if you are just discovering it Frankie's story could be read separate from Kit. Either way this is a great introduction for both series.   

BLOG TOUR Lost in Flames by C.T. Nicholson

Lost in Flames BT Banner.jpg

**Blog Tour**

Lost in Flames by C.T. Nicholson

Lost Series Book 2

Lost in Flames cover picture (1).jpg


A rescue to remember…

When Mike got the call about a house fire, he didn’t expect to have his life turned inside out. The attraction to Tessa, the woman he rescues, overwhelms him to the point he can’t shake it off. Only problem: the fire he rescued her from is under investigation and she’s the prime suspect. He believes her innocence, but suspects she knows who committed the crime. His protective gene kicks in and he offers her to stay with him until they figure things out. The only question he asks himself—Why is he doing this?

She could only run so far…

Mike saves Tessa’s life and she can’t just take off when the police are watching her every move. When they request that she stay at the precinct, she panics and takes the good-looking fireman up on his offer. She accepts to stay with a perfect stranger—one who causes her to feel things she can’t think about. For if she stays, she’s risking the lives of the people around her, but getting away isn’t going to be easy. Especially when Mike draws her closer to him the more time they spend with each other.

A mystery to solve…

There’s no doubt trouble has found Tessa and things are not what they seem. So does Mike put himself in the line of fire by rescuing Tessa? Or will the truth come out in time?

Buy Link Lost in Flames book 2:

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Author Bio:
C.T. juggles raising two sons with her husband, a full time job and still manages to get her writing done. Between dirty diapers and sibling rivalry, she spends her only free time writing and escaping to the worlds that she creates. Sometimes she even manages to get some sleep…sometimes. Writing and becoming a published author is a recent dream come true. Most of what she reads revolves around paranormal and sci-fi romance, and her writing follows the same path. Not that she doesn't love a good contemporary story. The fun of weaving new worlds and species into existence is her true calling. She's a romantic to the core and wants nothing more than a happy ending. And of course sexy heroes!

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ARC REVIEW Fixed in Blood by T.E. Woods

Fixed in Blood in the fourth installment of the Justice series as known as the Mort Grant series. I love this series, it messes with your mind and heart.The scary reality of the world meshed with a fascinating and personable characters that have you either rooting for them or wishing them to burn in hell. I love Mort and Lydia and their father/daughter type relationship. Their would be great need for rejoicing if the situation that brought them back together wasn't so heinous. I must say this is a Series Book you really need to read the previous three books to get the full impact of the story and emotional ties.

When the last book left off Mort had ended his friendship with Lydia because of his daughter. He left Allie in Lydia's protection only to have her disappear again. Mort didn't understand that both Allie and Lydia did what they did to protect him and his son and his family. Now Mort is still the same living in his new houseboat and working with the same great people. Lydia is working at her practice helping her patients in ways they never thought possible. She is also casually seeing Police Detective Paul Bauer, (who we meet in the last book, Mr. Tall, Dark and Sexy). The trouble starts when a young woman's body shows up with extensive cuts all over her body dealt with precision and accuracy to make it as painful as possible. Soon afterwards the vice squad calls in Mort and his team they found online a snuff video of their victim. Using what little clues they found they try and track down who is behind this. Meanwhile one of Lydia's patients calls her in the middle of the night frantic, scared and apologizing saying this was her only option. The call cut off and Lydia's instincts is telling her this is something major. Not much time later does another girl show up dead with a snuff video to go with it. The girls only obvious connection is a loan company.

Mort and Lydia's path intersect again when both their cases lead them to the loan company, Rite Now. The loan company is the only link between the two dead girls and Lydia's missing patient. They discover more clues that lead them to a movie set filming in the area and with Lydia's help they discover who is really behind this. The tale tale twist that always accompanies the Justice novels is a good one this time I didn't see it coming and as always The Fixers sense of justice is sweet.

Mort forgave Lydia because something happened with Allie that made Mort see the truth about his daughter. The book also includes what Allie has been doing but I will leave all that as a surprise if you read the book.        

Overall This whole series is one to read they just keep getting better and better and the emotional connection you feel with Lydia and Mort is just icing on the cake.

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ARC REVIEW The Major's Faux Fiancee by Erica Ridley

Book four of The Dukes of War series by Erica Ridley the series continues to entertain me. While this one doesn't have some of the comedy that readers of Erica Ridley are use to it doesn't take away from the story because the two characters are very serious there are however two other very amusing characters to lighten the mood. Bartholomew and Daphne are aggravating at times, but in the best way. They both have issues they need to figure out and that often gets in the way of seeing things that are obvious to everyone else.

Major Bartholomew Blackpool lost more then his leg in war he lost his twin brother as well. Now the rake and dandy that he use to be is no more and he has isolated himself in his house afraid of the humiliation he feels when people hear the creaking of this elaborate prosthetic and of the pitying looks everyone will give him. He even avoids his family his mother's grief so strong for one of her sons has her wanting to comfort and coddle Bartholomew and his father clearly blames him for the death of the other. Daphne Vaughan is mourning the death of her father and now her Guardian a cousin to her father is forcing her to marry. The problem with that is she is so involved with her charity work and the right of the lower class workers she know that if she marries her husband will forbid her to work her projects deeming them unladylike. Her only hope is her old friend Bartholomew to act as her fiancee until she comes to maturity and she can access her inheritance.

Bartholomew does not hesitate when he receives this request from Daphne and it only takes short time in her presence before he realizes he really wants to marry her. He never thought she would want him back in return because he is not a whole man. Daphne asked Bartholomew because he was a rake but after the war she sees a different man, an man who is willing to help her with her projects not hinder her. She is determined not to ruin his good name by crying off the engagement and Bartholomew will not ruin her reputation by crying off the wedding.

Overall this was another great novella in the series. and series returns again with the next novella The Brigadiers Runaway Bride and a reappearance of a dead man.  

ARC REVIEW The Double Helix Collection by Jade Kerrion

 Jade Kerrion's  Double Helix Collection is five of the Double Helix books. In ebook form you get Perfection Unleashed, Perfect Betrayal, Perfect Weapon, When the Silence Ends, Perfection Challenged. When you buy it in paperback you get a code to download When Silence Ends. This series is very worth it; it is a great sci-fi action packed roller-coaster ride. A Gattaca and X-Men fusion of awesomeness. In the foreseeable future we have learned to decode the human genome and make babies with no disabilities, no genetic problems. Humans also have started to evolve; mutating to have powers like telekinesis, telepathy, empathy. The Genetic Revolution changed the world some places the in-vitros and the mutants are tolerated, the U.S. is not one of those places creating organizations like Purest Humanity. You also have scientist playing god and that where we start; two scientist have created the perfect human. Galahad is a mixture of DNA to create a "perfect" in the eyes of the scientist and since he is not an in-vitro nor a clone the government has no classification for him. He has lived in the safety of the lab all his life being put through test and experiments to see how perfect he is he was lonely until one fateful night...

In Perfection Unleashed we met Zara Intani a mercenary who was hired to steal the genetic code for Galahad. She breaks into Pioneer Labs no problem but once she is in everything goes wrong. Once she's in she meets Galahad the lab gets attacked by Purest Humanity. Zara escapes with Galahad but not without injury, Galahad is severally injured so she takes him to the only person she trust with this, Lucien, a rich playboy she use to date forever ago. Meanwhile the Purest Humanity thinking they are breaking in to kill the abomination of the Perfect Human they let lose actual abominations; all the mistakes the scientist made in their search for Perfection.

Lucien has no problem helping Zara, but one look at Galahad and it has him calling in his best friend in New York. Danyael Sabre has no memory before the age of three. He was fished from a frozen river and put in the foster system it wasn't until he was a teen that he meet Lucien and he recognized Danyael for what he was a mutant. Lucian welcomed him into his family with open arms. Danyael also gets the chance to be trained by the Mutant Affairs Council. The whole reason Lucien called Danyael in from New York to D.C. isn't just because he is a doctor but it's because Galahad is identical to Danyael. As a Alpha Empath Danyael the power to make people hate him and as a self defense measure it's something he does to everyone. Zara hates him for being weak but yet becomes Galahads lover. The telepathic Miriya is the only one who understands why Danyael does what he does and doesn't understand why despite Zara's outright hatred to Danyael why he loves her. Danyael is so much more than anyone ever gave him credit for, he has a secondary healing power, but he can as kill with a touch.

This is so full of different elements that not everything is resolved and leaves of open ended.

Perfect Betrayal picks up where the other left off. Zara has realized her feelings for Danyael aren't what she first thought she still fights with him about everything but as selfless as he is she is looking out for his best interest. Danyael is trying to get his life back to normal but the leader of the Mutant Assault Group has his sights set on Danyael and manipulates things to meet his means. Zara has stayed to protect him. An unknown force has kidnapped Lucien and threatens Danyael with his death.  But as things play out exactly as planned one by one his friends have turned against him some with the good intentions of protecting him and others selfish, while one is uncontrollable. Lucien is manipulated and his feelings for Danyael reversed, so as much as he use to love him, Lucien now hates him with the same intensity.

Danyael and Zara love/hate relationship gets complicated. Danyael has blocked Zara's emotions from him so he can't feel her hatred anymore but still deep down loves her. Galahad is slowly growing more unstable and confused.

Once again the book leaves off open and with your heart in tatters. More secrets are revealed but not everything is fully explained.

Perfect Weapon picks up several months after the last book. Danyael is being held captive classified at a much higher ranking then he deserves. He is being tortured all day to keep his psychic powers at bay. A Mutant terrorist groups breaks in and frees Danyael and drops him off at Elysium, a safe haven for the mutants and in-vitros shunned by society. He isn't there long before Zara, Galahad, and the Mutant Affairs Council come looking for him but the machinations of the Mutant Assault Group pick up Danyael before Zara can get to him and make the situation look like an attack on the safe haven by Mutant Affairs Council.

Still a wanted mutant, the Assault Group is protecting Danyael, but the General has him their for one reason in particular to lead the Super Soldier program of advanced abominations which he does so hesitantly. The General having successfully separated Danyael from his friends has provided him with replacements including Major Amanda Chandler who soon transitions to lover even though Zara's betrayal hurt him deeply he can't stop from loving her.
The same people who were behind the initial prison break set crazy unbalanced mutants on a killing spree through out the D.C. area and only Danyael can stop them. Zara has revealed she had a baby and the genetics named Danyael the father rather than Galahad. Galahad has become increasingly jealous of Danyael because both Zara and the telepathic Miriya have fallen in love with Danyael over his "perfect". In the end it ends pretty much but yet their are still loose ends yet to be tied off.

When the Silence Ends is a young adult companion book to the Double Helix series it follows teenagers Dee and Dum who were introduced when Danyael was recuperating at Elysium, the twins named as such because it was the nick name their mother gave them Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They escaped with Danyael but were soon separated and then picked up by the Mutant Affairs Council. Dee is completely human but Dum has emphatic powers the Council has unsuccessfully been trying to train Dum. Dum is unique, he has not said a single word since some people with Purest Humanity made him shoot his own father, the purest thinking their father was the mutant, but it was their mother who was the mutant she died later leaving them orphans. Dum also prefers to listen to his music rather then well anything and that drives Dee crazy. When the new leader of the Council informs Dee that the Council will no longer train Dum for fear of his emphatic power, but that if they want he will train Dum on his own. Dee is feed up with the Council, her and Dum leave and ask Danyael to train Dum which he agrees to hesitantly.  

To survive without the help of the Council Dee gets two jobs to support the both of them. One of her jobs is working as a cocktail waitress, but the area they live in the only place they could afford to live is in a gang ridden area. When a gang fight breaks out in the bar one night Dum goes to the DJ booth and starts to play music that calms down the fight. Dum's power my be the same as Danyaels but he uses it in a vastly different way. Dum can influence the energy of music to calm or excite. Dee gets an idea to start a foundation to help orphans, no matter what their classification, to go to college.

We also see Zara and Danyael's interaction, Zara still keeps thing at a distance but it is obvious to everyone but Danyael, who has blocked her, that she loves him. Lucien's influence reaches far and you see just how much Lucien hates Danyael. As isolated as Danyael feels he has some friends in very high places that will do anything for him. This book also ties up one loose end from the first book.

In the conclusion to this series, Perfection Challenged, All the donors that created Galahad are mysteriously dying and the last person to see them alive is Galahad. Danyael is diagnosed with a degenerative disease and he doesn't have much longer to live as long as he doesn't use his healing powers which will only hasten it along. Danyael has all but given up, Zara isn't letting him. The Council has asked Danyael to answer the question "Is Galahad worthy to live?". The Council has listed Galahad a national threat and put a kill switch in Galahad and Danyael is responsible for resetting the switch every four hours; if he doesn't Galahad's heart will explode. As it turns out Galahad was responsible for the murders but not quite. Someone has been creating advanced aging clones of Galahad and Zara but altering their memories. They kidnap Danyael so that he can fix them. The advanced aging clones don't live long and the first clone wants Danyael to fix him. He forces Danyael to heal others not knowing the more he does the shorter life span Danyael himself has. Galahad hates Danyael and it takes very little for him to side with the evil clones. Despite it all Danyael still wants to save Galahad, still believes there is goodness in him and that he can change the world.

Amusingly enough Danyael's rescuers are Zara, Major Amanda Chandler and an old girlfriend of Danyael's from college. The ending was beautiful, heart-wrenching and satisfying. I binge read this series in a week I really recommend everyone doing that it is so worth it and no waiting you just go from one to the other. I left a lot out when writing this, there is so much to this series. With Zara everything that can go wrong will go wrong so you know everything she gets involved in will eventually get FUBAR. I whole-heartedly recommend this to any sci-fi reader.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

ARC REVIEW Bear the Consequences by Rochelle Paige

That woman does it again! The McMahon Clan is a spin off of the Black River Pack. I won this ARC in a contest thrown by Rochelle Paige. I was very excited for this book to come out; when the bear shifters were first introduced in Thrown to the Wolves I hoped they would get their own books. I was not let down. A great intro to the clan and the McMahon's lifestyle.

Finley Woulffe is the beloved daughter of the packs Alpha she was always pampered and protected and she always envisioned her mate to love her just as much as her father loves her mother. Finley finally found something to do in the pack her father gave her the responsibility to be a liaison between the younger pack members and the alpha. This came to be after pack member Aurora disappeared and the truth about how her step father and mother treated her.

Alasdair is one of the McMahon triplets one of the owners of the strip club Honey Pot and recently discovered brother to Aurora. After hearing about the atrocities she had to go through the McMahon family wants to seek revenge. Alasdair and his father drive down to the Woulffe pack to have words with the alpha; Alasdair never expected he would meet and mark his mate let alone that she would be the daughter of the Alpha.

Finley already loves Alasdair, but his family and clan has not been very welcoming. She has tolerated it as much as she can but when her father calls with a warning that Aurora might still be in danger no one really want to take it seriously. Finley does and leaves to warn Aurora. While there they are attacked and Finley fights to protect Aurora's newborn in the process she is seriously injured. Alasdair didn't have the best example of how a good mate should act and it takes almost losing her for him to realize what he has done but is it too late?

This is a quick read, very good set up for the story arc for the rest of the triplets. I can't wait for more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ARC REVIEW Last of the Red-Hot Riders by Tina Leonard

Book two of Tina Leonard's Hell's Outlaws series is pretty much like the first one but with less Mayor Judy. It plays out pretty much like the first book, so luckily you don't have to read the first to read this one. It was still good, I just couldn't get into this one as much as the first one.

Wild child/virgin Cameron Dix is one hell of  a rider, and she wants Saint Markham to train her how to ride bulls. Saint has had an unstoppable lust for Cameron from the moment he saw her, and doesn't want her risking her neck riding bulls. He hesitantly agrees to train her and Cameron is so happy she starts sleeping with him, that and because she is in love with him.
Due to the machinations of Mayor Judy, or lack thereof, the Hell's Belles threatens to break up. Both Cameron and Saint being stubborn wont give an inch to the other. Cameron's errant sister almost ruins her dreams by showing up claiming she was pregnant just to get out of the house and start on life early, soon set straight and offers Cameron some well needed advise she was to oblivious to realize herself. Saint goes off to lick his wounds and a timely return of Judy offers him the common sense he needed.Everything else in between is a funny and witty and the two oblivious H/h makes an entertaining read but it was too similar to the first to really enjoy.  

ARC REVIEW Beautiful Criminal by Shady Grace

Beautiful Criminal is book one in Shady Grace's new series McCoy's Boys. I generally don't like books that glamorize drug smuggling and criminal behavior of the sort, which is why I normally stay away from them but this one in a way doesn't glamorize it. Gabriel Miller is a drug runner, he kinda fell into it trusted the wrong person and now there is no way out. Mima Etu is a young and naive woman who lives alone in the middle of nowhere Canada with just her dog sled dogs to keep her company. It has an excellent concept but due to personal preference I didn't care for the execution. I didn't feel connected to the characters, at all.

Gabriel is flying a shipment of time sensitive stuff when his plan goes down in a snow storm. He is found by Mima and her best friend Mary when they are out racing their dog sleds. Mima brings him home and plays nurse until he wakes up but because of another snow storm they are trapped in her house for now. Mima is instantly taken with the attractive stranger, and he with her. But trouble comes when Gabriel's boss sends men out to look for him and the missing drugs.

Overall I really didn't enjoy it, I don't regret reading it, it sounded interesting enough in the blurb but once again personal preference on the story and what happens in the books and the lack of character connection kept me from really liking this one.

RELEASE BLITZ After Midnight & Cries in the Night by Kathy Clark

 After Midnight & Cries in the Night
Series: Denver Heroes Series #1 & 2
Author: Kathy Clark
Publisher: Loveswept
Release Date: TODAY!! June 9, 2015

Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts and Karen Robards, Kathy Clark’s suspenseful, seductive Denver Heroes series kicks off as a dedicated cop and a beautiful actress get wrapped up in a world of danger and desire.
Aside from the reporter riding along in the passenger seat of his cruiser, it’s a typical Saturday night on the job for Sam Morgan of the Denver Police Department. Then shots ring out, and a routine stop involving a pimp and a hooker spirals into senseless violence. Now Sam is lying in a hospital bed, haunted by fleeting memories of the stunning blonde who saved his life—and then just disappeared.
Kate McKinney was hired to play a prostitute on a reality-TV show, not stand around as actual bullets start flying. Unable to shake the feeling that trouble is stalking her, Kate turns to the only man she can trust: the wounded cop whose blue eyes send chills through her body. He doesn’t believe she was just playing a role, but the predator hiding in the shadows is all too real—and, as Sam and Kate edge closer to the truth, so is the heat that ignites between them.

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Fans of Nora Roberts and Karen Robards will love this pulse-pounding novel of romantic suspense, as a red-hot firefighter reaches out to save a courageous beauty from the terrors of the night.

As a victim’s advocate for the Denver Police Department, Julie Lawrence is always on call for survivors of abuse, fighting for the justice she never got for herself. It’s a high-risk job that makes a lot of enemies—one of whom seems to be now targeting Julie. But teaming up with firefighter and local hero Rusty Wilson sparks a different kind of danger. As Julie surrenders to intoxicating passion, she finds herself breaking her own rules, caring about Rusty in a way she thought she’d sworn off forever.
When a domestic incident escalates into a deadly hostage crisis, Rusty is willing to risk everything to protect those who really need his help—like Julie, the breath of fresh air who fills his days with purpose and his nights with pleasure. He just hopes he’s not too late to stop a chillingly orchestrated act of payback that puts the woman he loves at the mercy of a madman’s rage.



Pre-order for August 18
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Reviews to Come!

Kathy Clark is a New York Times bestselling author whose novels have sold more than three million copies in eleven languages. Her plot lines have always championed women’s empowerment, placing strong female characters in real-life situations. Her stories will make you laugh and cry, and her characters will live in your heart forever. She lives with her husband and co-author, Bob Wernly.



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Saturday, June 6, 2015

ARC REVIEW Night of the Highland Dragon by Isabel Cooper

Night of the Highland Dragon is book three in Isabel Cooper's Highland Dragon series. Don't let that deter you it is quite a pleasant stand alone story. A paranormal shifter story with a bit of horror in it to make it exciting, because scary little monstrous demons tend to make things a bit horrific. I really liked the story I enjoyed the writing, the story and the characters, I just wish there could have been a bit more romance development between the two main characters; and it was predictable I guessed the real culprit from the start.

In the Scottish Highlands is an isolated little village that is the ancestral home of the MacAlasdair family. Lady Judith has stayed there content until a stranger comes to visit. William Arundell works for a secret government agency that handles all the things that normal police don't understand. He and the other operatives handle the paranormal things that do more than just bump in the night. His latest case has brought him to a sleepy little Highland village and the rumors of a strange Lady who does not age.

Suspicious of each other at first but soon they come to a tenuous truce when it becomes obvious that neither of them have anything to do with the mutilations going on around the village. Judith is very forward, after all she is no shy country miss, and she is not afraid to show her attraction to the handsome William. She knows without a doubt she can trust him especially after he inadvertently discovers her true self and he reveals who he works for. They work together to try and discover who is behind the summoning of the demon creatures. Things never go as planned and the realization of whom and the why comes a bit late and William and Judith are almost lost to each other.

Overall it was a really good read; entertaining and a definite page turner.    

ARC REVIEW Sharp Shootin' Cowboy by Victoria Vane

Part of Victoria Vane's Hot Cowboy Nights series, but you would never know, it works good as a stand alone. This is one of those like/hate books. The first half was utterly a pain, it read like a poor New Adult novel. The blurb lead me wrong, it makes you think to strangers meet and fall in love despite opposite points of view. Well no, it's not that cut and dry.

It starts off in San Diego, Haley Cooper is a college student working on her degree and wants nothing to get in the way with it. She is annoyingly hard headed, opinionated, and naive. I did not like her, at all. Reid Everett is a Marine, cowboy and comes from a long line of hunters. He is strong, sexy, smart and when he finds something he wants he doesn't give up easily. I loved him, he was the only reason I finished the book.

Haley and Reid meet in a bar and start butting heads after she finds out he is a marine. She thinks all marines are man whores. Reid is immediately taken with Haley for some reason he doesn't understand but despite their obvious differences he wants Haley. Brushing Reid off wasn't as easy as she hopped he kept texting her and emailing her her over the next two years. When he comes back he finds her gone to Alaska to save the wolves, but he has an enlightening conversation with her Grandparents. He comes back at Christmas and makes sure they cross paths. After one hot night of sex, and one embarrassing day Haley calls it quits stating that it would never work and their is no hope for a relationship. Reid knows she is wrong but still lets her walk away.

Five years later, second half of the book gets better, Reid has finally left the marines and is back home working as a guide for his family's hunting outpost. Haley has had enough of politics raising money that was going to lawyers rather than the wolves they were suppose to be saving so she took a job that would but her back in the field. Little did she know it would put her right in the path of Reid again. With the fight going on over the wolf population in Wyoming Haley and Reid are on opposite sides. But Reid is more open to her side and listens to her than she is his side until she almost gets killed by a bear and Reid has to save her. Things come into perspective for Haley after that. They find common ground but not before Haley evil ex tries to ruin Reid's career.

Overall I dislike Haley, I love Reid, and the second half of the book was the best part.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

ARC REVIEW Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner

Outlaw Hearts is a re-release of Rosanne Bittner originally published in the early 90's. I love historical westerns and every once in a while I love an epic read like this. It is an ongoing story that starts when the two lovers meet and it continues throughout their lives. It is mesmerizing, once I picked it up I could not put it down I stayed all night to finish the book, I finished the book looked at the clock and it was fifteen minutes until my alarm was to go off. I got so tied up in the story with years passing in a matter of hours it felt like I was living it with them. Their was so much to the story following them for so long something would happen and I'd think wow it's only at 20% into the book, and then something else would happen and it's just at 40%. It wasn't slow paced there is just so much in it I don't think I could summarize it appropriately. I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster this book put me through.

Miranda and Jake are some of the best written characters I have read in a while. You feel for them you cry when they want to cry, you're angry when they are and ecstatic when they are happy. They are an unlikely couple Jake is tall, dark and hard, mean looking while Miranda is petite, light and soft but their love and passion is unquestionable, unwavering and unstoppable.

     Miranda is all alone she has lost everything she has ever cared about, just having buried her father she decides to find her brother who left for Nevada years ago. Before she could go she crossed paths with an outlaw and shot him with her gun, he escaped only to show up at her cabin. For reasons she can't quite explain she helps him. Jake is an outlaw, a wanted man a mean brissey man with a harsh past, and somehow Miranda sees past it. Miranda sees through Jake and what she finds is a man who needs to be loved and learn how to love. Running from his past they believe they can start but something always happens, and it shakes Jake's confidence but Miranda is always there no matter what he says she is never going to leave him even when they have to separate she will not give up on him and knows without a doubt God put them together and he will allow nothing to pull them apart.

This is an epic book and everything they go through they stand together and never give up. It's a fantastic story.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ARC REVIEW Risk It by Jennifer Chance

Risk It by Jennifer Chance is book four in her Rule Breakers series; I have read one other book in this series I really liked Fake It unfortunately this one fell flat. It was hot, steamy hot erotica but I could not connect to the characters and the storyline was blah. It had a Pretty Woman type story rich man buys beautiful woman for a month of  "friendship" where she has to do whatever he say no hesitation, with only one use of the word no.

Dani outwitted Rand out of ten thousand dollars for a painting by her friend a relatively unknown artist. Rand is suddenly obsessed with her and they start a game of sorts where they are trying to outwit each other until Rand propositions Dani money for her time, sex not required. Dani's foster brother is in trouble and only accepts Rands proposal to help her brother out. There is an instant attraction between them and they are not shy about starting a sexual relationship, but Rand starts to push her boundaries which any good Dom does but when she finally says no he is bound and determined to find out why this and break through that boundary, no matter what. Dani is scared by how this is progressing and when Rand asks for a real relationship she calls it quits especially since Rand had succeeded in breaking through her emotional block.

BLOG TOUR Against The Tide by Kat Martin

Secrets—and safety—melt under a midnight sun…

Liv Chandler is running for her life, and the cops haven’t been able to do a thing to help. But there’s one man who makes her feel safe, no matter what…rugged charter boat captain Rafe Brodie.

To Rafe, Liv is a beautiful mystery, one he can’t ignore. He means to unearth her secrets, and in the process, if luck is on his side, maybe the spark between them will ignite.

But Liv’s past is more dangerous than Rafe could guess, and when his first mate turns up dead, she fears that she’s next. That there’s something else coming she can’t see. That even Rafe and the remote village of Valdez, Alaska can’t protect her forever…

Buy Links:  Amazon B&N | iTunes | Kobo

                Okay I love the Brodies and now in this third book the eldest Brodie, Rafe, meets his match with a mysterious woman, Liv, and an attraction neither of them can deny. Liv and Rafe are an engaging couple she keeps trying to distance herself from him but the more she pushes the more he tighten his grip on her. In typical Brodie fashion it is never easy when they fall in love and with each book the external conflict just gets more and more intense. What first appeared as a murder of a young man ends in an elaborate plan and in the process Rafe and Liv fall in love as Liv's secrets are revealed.

                Kat Martin is a fabulous writer and this one is an intense mystery and an emotional love story. Rafe is an alpha male who has finally fell in love and now that he has found her he is not letting her go no matter her past. Liv is a strong heroine but scared and so in love with Rafe she doesn't want to ruin his life with her problems. I think this one is my favorite so far, since their is another one coming out that will probably be my new favorite when I read it.

Rafe leaned back in the booth as Olivia walked away. Beneath her light blue apron, she wore black leggings under a black skirt, and a black turtleneck sweater. She wore black a lot, he’d noticed, and with her heavy, dark hair, pale complexion, and striking features, it suited her.
The café was beginning to fill with customers, both locals and the first of the tourist crowd. Besides deep-sea fishing, the area offered helicopter sightseeing, wildlife cruises, glacier cruises, kayaking, hiking, camping, and a jillion other things visitors thought up to entertain themselves in a place so rich in natural beauty.
By the first of May, as winter slid into spring, the local hotel and restaurant businesses jump-started into high gear. So did Rafe’s company, Great Alaska Charters.
His fleet was composed of a thirty-two-foot Armstrong; a Glacier Craft thirty-five; and his thirty-eight-foot Mac, all of which worked from April through October, depending on the weather. Scotty had made a place for himself in the company, had become an important part of the business, and it was going to be damned hard to replace him.
Scott Ferris had become Rafe’s right-hand man, and more than that, a very good friend. There was no easy way to lessen the personal loss Rafe felt at Scott’s death. He needed to go see Cassie, find out if there was anything he could do to help her get through her grief.
Rafe knew from experience it was going to take a helluva long time for her to heal.
He looked over at the tall, slender woman moving around the café. She was the real reason he had come to the Pelican this morning. Just watching her eased some of the tightness in his chest. Trim and lithe, she moved like a dancer, in more of a glide than a pattern of steps, so light on her feet she was there one moment, then she wasn’t.
With her high cheekbones, wide forehead, and unusual gray eyes, Olivia was a beautiful woman. Her chestnut hair, twisted into a knot at the nape of her neck, glinted with vibrant highlights. By midmorning, a few strands escaped around her face, softening the severe appearance she seemed determined to maintain.
And there was that mouth. Lipstick was the only real makeup she wore, a glossy dark red on lips so plump and perfectly curved they could have been in a magazine ad. That mouth made him think of dirty sex and taking her to bed, or anywhere else he could have her.
Maybe she could read his mind; maybe she knew what he was thinking and that was the reason she never waited on him. And though she was always polite, she spoke tohim only if she had to and rarely by name.
For the first couple of months after she’d taken over the business, he’d figured she was just too busy to notice him. Besides, he was still dating Sally, and he wasn’t the kind of guy who cheated on a woman he was involved with.
Four months ago, Sally had moved on, and Rafe had discovered he was glad. He cared for Sally Henderson, but he wasn’t in love, never had been. He’d told her from the start he wasn’t interested in marriage. At the time, she’d convinced him she wasn’t either. But relationships changed, and Sally was ready to settle down.
Sally was ready. Rafe wasn’t.
It wasn’t until after they’d parted that he started to take an interest in Olivia Chandler. Besides her striking looks and porn-star mouth, there was just something about her, something that began to intrigue him. She was always friendly to the other customers, though according to Nell, she had no close friends outside the people she worked with, and no family in the area that anyone knew of.
At first he’d told himself he just wasn’t the lady’s type, but the more she ignored him, the more intrigued he became. She rarely went to the local pub, he discovered, just kept mostly to herself in the apartment she lived in above the café. She was a runner, he knew, having seen her jogging early in the mornings with the big, black-and-brown German shepherd she called Khan.
Every time he went into the Pelican, which was often since he was a bachelor and a lousy cook, he watched her, and eventually a funny thing happened. Over the days and weeks that passed, Rafe became more and more certain Olivia Chandler wasn’t avoiding him because she wasn’t attracted to him.
She was avoiding him because she was.
Liv Chandler was a beautiful mystery, one Rafe no longer intended to ignore. He meant to unearth her secrets, and in the process, if luck was on his side, maybe he’d discover the fierce attraction he felt for her was returned in equal measure.
Rafe damned well hoped so.
Rising from the booth, he tossed a dollar bill on the table for the waitresses’ tip jar and started for the door. Olivia Chandler was a mystery he meant to solve.
But another mystery needed solving first.
His jaw hardened. Rafe wasn’t about to let the man who murdered one of his best friends go unpunished.

Whatever it took, he was going to see justice done.

Author Info
Kat Martin is the New York Times bestselling author of more than sixty books across multiple genres. Sixteen million copies are in print and she has been published in twenty-one foreign countries, including Japan, France, Argentina, Greece, China, and Spain. Her books have been nominated for the prestigious RITA award and won both the Lifetime Achievement and Reviewer’s Choice Awards from RT Book Reviews.

A resident of Missoula, Montana, Kat is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History. She and her author husband, L.J. Martin, spend their winters in Ventura, California. She is currently writing her next Romantic Suspense. Visit Kat at

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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